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University Advancement - Prospect Assignment Process

California State University, Fullerton

Prospect/Strategic Partners Assignment Process

  1. Cultivation or solicitation of any individual, company, foundation, or organization requires formal assignment. Request for assignment should be made prior to engaging in any qualification and/or cultivation activities by e-mail and contact report.

  2. Prior to requesting assignment, please check the status of the prospect in Advance to: 
    a. confirm that a record exists 
    b. that a current assignment does or does not exist, and 
    c. review any past cultivation activity in the contact reports and/or notes

  3. If there is no assigned prospect manager, a contact report must be created in which the justification for assignment will be provided. For assignments related to development, these justifications should include the expected amount of the initial ask, project, and anticipated date of solicitation. For assignments related to strategic partnerships, the justification should outline the relationship of the individual with the University and any historical background.

  4. If there is an assigned prospect manager, a contact report should still be completed with the requisite justification (see #3 above). In these cases, there may be a need to change the prospect manager – this determination will be made by UA managers. Alternatively, individuals may be added to the entity record as a team member – this will be done automatically after the request is reviewed. It is expected that prospect managers will consult with team members regularly throughout the year regarding the solicitation and partnerships of the entity with the University

  5. If no record exists in Advance, an e-mail to dl-prospectassignment@fullerton.edushould be sent with the justification for assignment as well as relevant demographic information (full name, address, phone number, and e-mail address).

  6. All Email requests should be sent Requests will be reviewed by members of the UA Prospect Research team and select members of the UA Management Team (AVP, Central Development; AVP, College-based Development; AVP, Strategic Communications; AVP, Public Affairs & Government Relations; and Executive Director, Advancement Operations) within one week. A response e-mail will be sent outlining the outcome of each request for assignment.

  7. After a request is made, the management team will indicate concerns or their lack of support for the assignment request via a "reply to all" e-mail within one week. Barring such an e-mail, the assignment will be recorded in the system by the Prospect Research team.

Important Note:
Assignments are given on an individual basis. If you want assignment to a husband and wife, you must request assignment to both. If you want assignment to an individual and his/her business, you must request assignment to both the individual and the business.