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University Advancement - Contact Report Content Guidelines

California State University, Fullerton

Contact Report Content Guidelines

A contact report is a written report that summarizes discussion with a prospect during a meeting or call. It should include any substantive information gathered from the prospect during the meeting. Below are guidelines for generally accepted practices concerning contact report content.

Key information to include:

  • Date and purpose/objective of the meeting
  • General summary of the conversation
  • New information learned – i.e. new job, address or financial changes, key relationships, wealth indicators, board memberships, community and philanthropic interests
  • Materials left with prospect (if applicable)
  • Follow-up steps with deadlines and staff responsible for each step

Information that should not be included:

  • Specific health, mental or emotional problems
  • Substance use/abuse issues
  • Speculative information regarding personal relationships, marital status, sexual preference
  • Criminal activity (not publicly reported)
  • Any unsubstantiated, word-of-mouth information or rumor
  • Rule of thumb: do not include any information in the contact report that you would not want the prospect to see/read.