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University Advancement - Prospect Activity and Contact Protocol

California State University, Fullerton

Prospect Activity and Contact Protocol

Contact report required fields in the Advance database include: Date of Contact, Contact Type, Purpose, Description (brief title) and Text or Attachment. This information must be entered in order for the contact report to be filed in the database. Prospect managers and team members who request administrative professionals to file contact reports on their behalf should provide administrative staff with data for all contact report required fields.

Prospect managers should update prospect stages with a contact report. Operations staff will change stages weekly based on the filing of a stage-change contact report.

Prospects with no record of activity within a 3-month period are subject to reassignment pending submission and review of proposed next steps in a strategy contact report to the research staff and the two AVPs of development.

Prospect managers should do a quarterly review of all prospects assigned and update ratings or request release. A contact report is required for release. (Suggest new assignment, if appropriate, through research staff.)

Cultivation efforts should begin immediately as part of a broader moves-management strategy for the prospect.

Initial solicitation is expected within 12 months of assignment at the minimum amount of $1,000 (President’s Associates level).

A special gift or major gift solicitation ($10,000+) is expected within 23 months of assignment.

No one may contact an assigned prospects on matters related to a personal solicitation without the consent of the prospect manager.

Assigned prospects will not be automatically excluded from central or college-based direct mail solicitations.

Assigned prospects will not be automatically excluded from event mailings (golf tournaments, Front and Center, Vision and Visionaries, regional alumni gatherings, seminars, receptions, etc.).

Assigned prospects may be automatically excluded from central or college-based telemarketing programs by request.

The Alumni Association may mail membership material to assigned prospects.

Disagreements in strategy or assignments may be resolved through the appropriate AVP, dean, and/or the vice president for university advancement. The university president is the final arbiter in prospect assignment matters.

Senior university administrators are exempt from prospect management guidelines.