Tips for Writing TO Elected Officials

1. Use proper salutation. Refer to the elected official depending on the office held.

For example:

The Honorable Jane Doe
City, State Zip

Dear Senator Doe:

2. Be courteous and informative.

  • Introduce the purpose of the letter in your opening sentence. Since thousands of bills are introduced each year, it is critical that you refer to the bill by name, author and topic.
  • If you are a constituent of the elected official you are writing to, please be sure to indicate this in your opening line.

For example: I am a constituent of your district and writing to urge your support of SB 724 (Scott) Authority to Grant Education Doctorates.

3. Focus on your message and key points.

4. Wrap it up. Recap the purpose of your letter.

  • Restate what you request. For example: Again, I urge your support of......
  • When possible, thank the legislator for any support s/he has provided to your issues, group, etc.
  • Offer to address any concerns and be available for follow up. Provide your contact information.
  • Use your personal stationary or that of your business or practice. Sign the letter and send it off!

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