AB 867 (Nava/Arambula) California State University: Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree

The CSU is seeking authority to award the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree to help prepare more faculty to teach future nurses.  Specifically, AB 867 will give the CSU the ability to offer doctoral nursing programs independently of the University of California and other institutions of higher education. 

AB 867 will:

  • Modify the Education Code to authorize the CSU to offer DNP programs.
  • Train future CSU and Community College Faculty through DNP programs.
  • Allow the CSU to train advanced practice nurses (for example, nurse practitioners, nurse anesthetists or nurse midwives) to the doctoral level.
  • Allow professionals to earn a DNP while working full time.
  • Be distinct from the DNP degree programs and the research-based programs Ph.D. degree programs at the University of California.


2/26/09: Introduced by Assemblymember Nava and Assemblymember Arambula

More information on AB 867 is available for download as a pdf.

In August of 2009, the Senate Appropriations committee referred AB 867 to the Suspense File where it remains Held Under Submission.

AB 867’s history, committee analysis, and more is available at http://leginfo.ca.gov/cgi-bin/postquery

AB 1222 (Lowenthal) California State University: alumni: disclosure

This proposed legislation seeks to reauthorize SB 569 (Torlakson) currently scheduled to sunset in January 2011, which allows the CSU and UC, like other nonprofit organizations and private colleges, to operate affinity programs with commercial vendors.  AB 1222 reauthorizes the CSU and UC to continue to offer these benefits and services to graduates and alumni through affinity partnerships.  The vast majority of alumni association revenues are generated through affinity programs which allow us to maintain relationships and build long-term connections with recent graduates and alumni.  Through these affinity partnerships, the alumni association can support student scholarships, alumni programs, academic programs, facilities, and athletics.


2/27/09: Introduced by Assemblymember Lowenthal

More information on AB 1222 is available for download as a pdf.

On October 11th of 2009 AB 1222 was vetoed by the governor.

The governor’s veto message and more is available at http://leginfo.ca.gov/cgi-bin/postquery 

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