University Policy Statement

UPS 210.100
Affirmative Action Policy


California State University, Fullerton is committed to ensure equal opportunities in its educational programs, educational activities, and employment without regard to race, color, sex, religion, national origin, ancestry, marital status, pregnancy, age, sexual preference, disability or veteran's status.

On the basis of this commitment, the following guidelines serve as a framework for effective cooperative action on the part of all members of the California State University, Fullerton community.


Dedicated to providing excellence in an educational institution, the California State University, Fullerton Affirmative Action Program is designed to achieve gender and ethnic diversity throughout the campus faculty, staff and administration. Realization of this goal will be attained through aggressive recruitment, establishment of professional development and retention oriented programs with special emphasis placed on the participation of women and minorities in these activities and the timely monitoring of selection and promotional processes.

Compliance with affirmative action programs will be measured by good faith action and by the reasonable rate of progress of academic and administrative departments towards increasing the representation of women and minorities at all levels of employment and eliminating underutilization of these groups. In selections from among candidates of substantially equal qualifications, the candidates from the underutilized group(s) should be given preference.


All departments will make good faith efforts through:

  1. vigorous recruitment methods directed at broadening the scope of the search to increase the number of qualified women and minority applicants;

  2. the development of communication between academic departments and the leaders of the minority or women's professional organizations and societies;

  3. the design of job descriptions, where practicable professionally feasible, with the option of specialized assignments which may be attractive to women and minority groups;

  4. active participation in the development of the future applicant pools by means of establishing departmental activities or programs, e.g. for graduate and undergraduate women or minorities; and,

  5. accurate documentation of the above stated activities.


The Academic Affirmative Action Board serves as an advisory group to the President and appropriate policy making bodies. The Board reviews and recommends University policies or programs concerning the recruitment, appointment, professional development and promotion of faculty, administrative personnel, student services and library professionals as well as the effectiveness of campus Affirmative Action Professional Development programs.

The Board annually reviews the Affirmative Action progress of faculty, administrative and student service professional hiring and promotional activity on a campus-wide basis as well as progress within each individual school or appropriate unit.

This Board shall be composed as follows:

  1. Five (5) faculty members elected by the academic senate.

  2. One (1) faculty member appointed by the president.

  3. One (1) Student Services professional appointed by the Vice President for Student Services.

  4. Two (2) students elected by the Senate of Associated Students.

  5. The Director of Affirmative Action will serve as a member of the Board.

Each member shall serve for two years and terms will be rotated. The representation indicated above must include a significant number of women and ethnic minorities.


Several documents, policies and procedures have been issued to assist departmental administrators with the processing of faculty, administrative and professional appointments. A listing of reference guidelines may be obtained from the Office of Affirmative Action.

Effective date: March 28, 1984
Supersedes: FCD 83-105, 3/22/84
UPS 210.100 (1/29/73)
Editorially Revised: 6/86

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