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Campus Resources

There are many resources available on campus for students struggling with alcohol and addiction issues. Referring a student for help is as easy as calling the campus departments below to find appropriate assistance for CSUF students. Most services are available free of charge.

Alcohol and Other Drug Advisory Committee (AODAC)
Referrals, education, and advocacy
Mary Becerra, Co-Chair, Director of Health Education and Promotion at (657) 278-2847; mbecerra@fullerton.edu

Counseling and Psychological Services
Confidential individual and group counseling as well as campus outreach
(657) 278-3040 or http://www.fullerton.edu/shcc/CAPS%20AboutUs.htm

Student Health Services – Health Education and Promotion
Education, training, workshops, referrals and individual consultations
Contact Jackie Blyleven, MPH, CHES; Health Educator and Coordinator of Substance Use Prevention Programs at (657) 278-7460; jblyleven@fullerton.edu

Dean of Students Office, Judicial Affairs
(657) 278-3211

WoMen’s and Adult Re-Entry Center
Education, counseling, referrals and sexual assault survivor services (657) 278-3928

CSUF Student Handbook
Campus policies pertaining to alcohol, drug use, hazing, sexual assault, violence, etc. http://www.fullerton.edu/handbook/policy/drugFree.htm