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Alcohol and Other Drug Advisory Committee (AODAC)

While most students practice legal and safe drinking behaviors (NCHA, 2010), California State University, Fullerton acknowledges the need for proactive and effective alcohol education, prevention and intervention programs. The Alcohol and Other Drug Advisory Committee (AODAC) was established in 2001 as a result of the California State University Board of Trustees recommendations to each CSU campus President. CSUF immediately responded to the recommendations made by the CSU Board of Trustees by analyzing current alcohol-related policies and pre-existing campus educational efforts, and created an advisory committee comprised of faculty, student affairs staff, students and community members.
The aim of this committee is to reduce high risk drinking and related consequences experienced by CSUF students and to provide a safer learning and living environment on campus.

The functions of the committee include:

  • Coordinate campus efforts on alcohol and other drug education
  • Serve as a resource for the campus community, including students, faculty and staff
  • Encourage collaboration and promote campus and community partnerships in the area of alcohol and other drug prevention and education
  • Advise campus administration on campus policy and environmental change
  • Research and generate alcohol prevention program funding
  • Monitor campus alcohol and drug related issues
  • Promote the use of best practices in alcohol and drug education and prevention
The ultimate goal of the alcohol and other drug education programs on campus is to encourage students to make choices that will lead to healthy lifestyles and successful futures.

AODAC Subcommittees

The AODAC is comprised of five sub-committees: Policy, Research and Assessment, Student Programming, Curriculum and Training, and Website.

Policy Committee Researches and analyzes alcohol and other drug policies to advise campus administration. The policy committee also aims to create environmental and campus-wide change by raising students’ and staff awareness of campus alcohol and drug policies. Chair: Sandi Rhoten, Associate Dean of Students; srhoten@fullerton.edu

Research and Assessment Committee Provides assistance to the AODAC and campus on research and assessment strategies to evaluate the effectiveness of alcohol education, training and student programming. Chair: Laura Chandler, Associate Professor, Health Science; lchandler@fullerton.edu

Student Programming Committee Coordinates alcohol prevention and education efforts and training to student organizations. Chair: Jackie Blyleven, Health Educator, Student Health and Counseling Center; jblyleven@fullerton.edu

Curriculum and Training Committee Researches and analyzes effective educational materials and curriculum for use in alcohol and drug education, training and interventions. The committee identifies campus faculty whose research and expertise include alcohol and drug issues. Chair: Susan Leavy, Crimes Against Women Coordinator, WoMen’s Center; sleavy@fullerton.edu

Website Committee Assists in the development and maintenance of the AODAC website by providing suggestions for content, events, and website layout. Chair – Mary Becerra, Director of Health Education and Promotion, Student Health and Counseling Center; mbecerra@fullerton.edu

AODAC Committee Members

The AODAC is a campus-wide committee. Membership is open to CSUF students, faculty, staff and members of the community. For additional information or dates and locations for scheduled meetings, please contact Sonja Sanders at sonjasanders@fullerton.edu, or by calling 657-278-4314.

Alcohol & Other Drugs Advisory Committee
Member Roster

First Name Last Name Department 
Jessica Aguirre Panhellenic President
Maricela Alvarado Coordinator, Greek Life
Meredith  Basil  Director, Althetic Academic Services
Mary  Becerra Co-Chair; Director of Health Education and Promotion, Student Health and Counseling Center 
Elizabeth  Blache PHUN President
Jackie  Blyleven Health Educator, Student Health and Counseling Center 
David  Botsford  CAPS
Laura Buscemi-Beebe Health Educator, County of Orange Health Care Agency, ADEPT
Serena  Cline Senior Coordinator, New Student Programs 
Tiffany  Eiley Police Cadet, Pacentia Police Department 
Deanna Farsakh Health Educator, Fullerton College 
Michelle Gallego Student 
Margaret  Gamboa Health Promotions Coordinator, Concordia University
David  Garnica IFC Acting President 
Kelly  Greene Health Educator, Orange Coast Community College
Megan  Harbert CSP PATH's North Team 
Sergio Hernandez Assistant Coordinator, Greek Life 
Darany  Hoang Health Educator, Student Health and Counseling Center 
Lea  Jarnagin  Dean of Students  
Kristi Kanel Human Services 
Chris  Kiger Director, Student Health Center, Fullerton College
Susan  Leavy  Director, WoMen's Center / Adult ReEntry 
Dennis  Lim MCGC President 
Stephanie  Lopez ASI Appointee
Tony  Lynch  Director, Campus Dining 
Gary  Mancini Fullerton PD
Paul  McClain  University Police 
Paul  Miller  Disabled Student Services
Valerie Minchala Psychologist, Couseling and Psychological Services 
Karina Pangan ADEPT Program Evaluation Specialist 
Sid Patel Catering Manager, Campus Catering
Harvey Perez SAAPSA President
Sandi  Rhoten  Associate Dean, Judicial Affairs 
Andi  Sims  Assistant Dean, College of the Arts
Eric  Spaich  Housing RA 
Julie  Stokes  Faculty, Afro-Ethnic Studies 
Awais Syed ASI Appointee
Tiffany Townson MADD, Orange County 
Sharnette  Underdue  Associate Director, Housing