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College students are faced with making life-changing decisions, including whether or not to use alcohol or drugs. Your experience at CSUF should be rewarding and fun, and does not need to be negatively impacted by alcohol and drugs. Make the choice to be informed, know the facts, and make a plan to party safely. Here are a few pointers to get you started:

  • KNOW THE LAW. The State of California and Cal State Fullerton have laws and policies about alcohol and drug use. Being familiar with laws and policies will eliminate confusion about what is and is not legal regarding alcohol use, possession of alcohol, and possession of prescription and illicit drugs on and off campus. Campus policies are listed on this website, and a listing of California laws can be found by clicking here.
  • ALCOHOL AND YOUR BODY. Alcohol affects the body in many ways, including decision making, coordination, and memory. It is important to understand the effects of alcohol and drug use on your body, and how it may impact your academic performance.
  • PARTY WITH A PLAN. Students who set healthy limits and have a plan often reduce the negative effects of alcohol, whether they were drinking or not. By choosing a sober driver, setting drink limits, and avoiding drinking games will help ensure that you and your friends arrive home safely.
  • KNOW WHEN TO ASK FOR HELP. If you or a loved one experience problems regarding alcohol or drug use, there are people on campus who can help.
Cal State Fullerton urges students to practice legal and responsible drinking. Your college experience is what you make it to be, and with accurate information, you can make healthy and positive choices to ensure your academic success!