California State University, Fullerton

Nonprofit Professionals Alumni Chapter Past Award Recipients

Awarded to continuing and graduating Cal State Fullerton students who intend to seek a career in the nonprofit sector and will advance the mission of nonprofit agencies in the community.


Ualani Ho'opai

Master of Public Health

Ualani Ho'opai
Read about Ualani here.


Nicole Nishimura

M.S. – Counseling

Read about Nicole here.


Jody Cajudo '15

Health Science / Asian American Studies

Jody Cajudo
Read about Jody here.


Joyce Chiao '12

Child and Adolescent Studies

Joyce Chiao
Read about Joyce here.


Reanna Couts '11


Reanna Couts 2011 award recipient
Ira Unterman '87 congratulates 2011 NPAC Award recipient Reanna Couts. Read about Reanna here.


Daniel Cole '10

Human Services

Daniel Cole 2010 award recipient
Founding board member Lori Redfearn '86 presents 2010 NPAC Award to Daniel Cole.


Nicole De Roche '10

Sociology / Gerontology

Christine Hernandez '09

Read about Christine here.

Dameion Renault '10

Human Services
2009 award recipients image
Renault, De Roche and Hernandez receive their awards from founding board member Lori Redfearn '86.

Carmen Drummond '10

Communications / Political Science
Carmen Drummond 2010 award recipient photo
In honor of the 10th anniversary of the Nonprofit Professionals Alumni Chapter, 4 awards were made to students pursuing nonprofit careers. Read about them here.


Zakira Kalyan '08

Communicative Disorders
Zakira Kalyan 2008 award winner image
CSUF President Milton A. Gordon congratulates 2008 NPAC Award recipient Zakira Kalyan, whose accomplishments are described here.


Angelica Haro '07

Angelica Haro 2007 award winner photo
Board member Karin Schnell '86 presents the 2007 NPAC Award to Angelica Haro, whose accomplishments are described here.


Elena Guzman '06

Health Sciences
Elena Guzman 2006 winner photo
Elena Guzman was named the recipient of this year’s $1,000 NPAA Scholarship, in recognition of her outstanding accomplishments and her goals of pursuing a nonprofit career. Board Member Charlene Mathe ’82 ’89 announced the award to a surprised and pleased Elena at the annual awards banquet of the Kinesiology and Health Sciences Department on May 1. Read about her here.


Fernando Mallory '06

Human Services
NPAC Award recipient for 2005 was Fernando Mallory.


Nancy Nguyen '05

Human Services
Nancy Nguyen 05
Board member Charlene Mathe '82 '89 congratulates 2004 NPAC Award recipient Nancy Nguyen. Read about her here.


Leslie Marlephansakul '03

Health Science
Leslie Marlephansakul photo
Board member Mary O’Connor Harris ’81 presents the 2003 NPAC Award check to Leslie Marlephansakul. Read about her here.


Reena De Asis '02

Reena De Asis image
Board President Ira Unterman '87 congratulates 2002 NPAC Award recipient Reena De Asis. Read about Reena here.


Stephanie Lomibao '03

Public Administration

NPAA Scholarship recipient Stephanie Lomibao (center) with (from left) Gail Taylor '77 (B.A. communications), Catherine Spear '80 (M.S., clinical psychology), and Kim Bailey '98 (B.A., sociology). Read about Stephanie here. An update on Stephanie's career is included in a feature in CSUF's 2012 Community Engagement Report.