California State University, Fullerton

Letter From the Executive Director of Alumni Relations

Dear Cal State Fullerton Graduate:

Cal State Fullerton respects your privacy. We want to share with you important information about the California law that protects graduates of public universities in regard to affinity programs between Cal State Fullerton and its business partners.

An affinity program is an agreement between the University and a business partner to offer discounted services to our alumni in areas such as travel, investment, insurance or financial services. In addition to discounts for alumni, these affinity partners give a portion of their business back to Cal State Fullerton. This in turn supports numerous areas of the University such as student scholarships, academic programs, facilities, athletics and alumni programs. These type of partnerships also provide sponsorship opportunities for other university events and programs.

To provide you with access to and information about the benefits and discounts offered by our various affinity opportunities, your information is shared with only selected partners.

A contract must be signed by our affinity partners to ensure your privacy. This agreement limits the use of the information and prevents them from sharing your data with any other source, for any other purpose.

This law was passed in the state of California to allow the continuation of such beneficial programs for our alumni and friends of the university. It requires all public universities to inform you of important privacy information.

Please take a moment to read the information provided here.

Thank you,
Dianna Fisher
Executive Director
Alumni Relations