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Student Alumni Ambassadors



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There are five Executive Committee (Exec Committee) positions and 10-15 Ambassadors. The Exec Committee helps with the planning and visioning for the group. The Ambassadors contribute to that plan and help with implementation. All members of the team will have unique opportunities to engage with alumni and develop skills that will benefit them in the future.

President/Chair: responsible for the coordination of SAA’s efforts and serves as the primary representative of the group to various entities on campus; also responsible for educating new members

Coordinator of Chapter Outreach: responsible for developing and maintaining a relationship with the Alumni Association Chapters and Clubs; also responsible for developing and maintaining a relationship with on-campus student organizations

Coordinator of Programming & Events: responsible for coordinating Ambassador involvement in on-campus events and for implementing SAA-initiated programs

Coordinator of Finance & Philanthropy: responsible for tracking the SAA budget and developing philanthropic opportunities

Coordinator of Membership & Marketing: responsible for coordinating the marketing efforts of the group, mobilizing SAA to market Alumni Association initiatives and coordinating the recruitment process for new SAA members

Ambassadors: help to market and volunteer at SAA, Alumni Association, and University events; represent the Alumni Association to the student body; develop new programmatic ideas for SAA