Subcommittee 2: Students


Subcommittee Charge

The Students Subcommittee was charged with preparing responses to the following questions: Who are we? Whom have we taught? Whom are we teaching? Whom will we teach? How many students will we teach?

Conversation prompts: Thinking about whom we will teach could include a range of issues that perhaps generally relate to enrollment management but really pertain to the composition of the student body. Demographics play a role, as do other external factors such as SB 1440 and SB 850. There are additional considerations such as the balance between graduate and undergraduate students, the relative proportions of freshmen and upper‐division transfers, resident and non‐resident students, and international students. How many students we will teach is subject to certain external factors such as (but not limited to) the CSU Academic Sustainability Plan and the growing interest in outcomes‐based funding; impaction and the importance of student success metrics also could figure in the analysis.

Resources Reviewed

1. Resources Materials
     a. Academic (degree) Plans for Each Campus
    b. Facilities Plans

2. Data
     b. NCES/IPEDS
    c. CSU Dashboard campus login ID required
     d. Budget Reports CSUF

Last updated July 12, 2017