Subcommittee 4: Infrastructure and Resources 

The Infrastructure and Resources Subcommittee was charged with preparing responses to the following questions: How do we assess and articulate the resource requirements of the AMP? How do we align our physical and financial resources to support the AMP? What are the barriers that may impede the campus from delivering adequate physical and financial resources to sustain the AMP, and how do we address them? What policies/procedures/practices/facilities would we need to have/change/adjust/modify to support/maintain/sustain the AMP? How can we respond to budget challenges?The task of this subcommittee was to delineate strategies for identifying and delivering resources to support the AMP.

Conversation prompts: The first step could be assessing and outlining the type and amount of resources that would be required. While the AMP may incorporate existing programs that are already fully funded other initiatives may require new or additional resources. Regardless of which side the various components of the AMP would fall under, the campus will need to develop the process and methodology to assess the financial and physical requirements of the AMP, as well as the process to subsequently deliver them.

The latter will be particularly challenging given there likely will be limited funds and physical spaces, in terms both of quantity and quality. How do we make wise decisions in addressing the shortfall?  The charge is not identifying specific resources per se, but rather defining the process and methodology by which the resource needs could be adequately articulated, gaps successfully identified, and existing and new resources smoothly aligned. Accountability and benchmarking are additional important considerations that need to be incorporated into this process.


Committee Members

Bill Meyer, Co-Chair
Academic Senate Executive Committee Member, Theatre and Dance Professor

Danny C. Kim, Co-Chair
Vice President for Administration and Finance

Pat Balderas
Business Manager for the College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Michael Shafae
Planning, Resource and Budget Committee Chair, Computer Science Associate Professor and Chair

Carol Creighton
Associate Dean, University Extended Education

Peter de Lijser
Chemistry & Biochemistry Professor

Mike DeMars
Associate Librarian

Dave Edwards
Executive Director for ASI

Debra Lockwood
Theatre and Dance Professor

Robert Meeds
Communications Associate Professor

Mark Filowitz
Interim Associate Vice President for Academic Operations, Associate Dean, College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Matt Jarvis
Politics, Administration, and Justice Associate Professor

Uksun Kim
Civil and Environmental Engineering Professor

Chad Armstrong
ASI Representative

Greg Saks
Vice President for University Advancement

Sora Tanjasiri
Health Science Professor

May Wong 
Executive Assistant to the Associate Vice President of Finance, Subcommittee Support Staff

Last updated July 12, 2017