Student Data

Census summary of selected enrollment statistics, headcounts and FTES, enrollments of first-time freshmen and undergraduate transfers, and enrollments by student level and unit load


Grades and Academic Status
Interactive dashboard for students academic status by college, instructional GPA by department and level of instruction


New Students
Interactive dashboard for number of applicant, admitted and enrolled students (by student category by college by impaction location), information for first-time freshmen students (including High School feeders dashboard), information on new upper division transfer students and on new graduate/post-baccalaureate students


Graduation Rates
Interactive dashboards showing graduation rates for both the first-time freshmen and new transfer cohorts by gender, level of parents education and ethnicity, as well as graphical display of persistent rates

Student demographics information

Degrees Awarded
Number of undergraduate and graduate degrees awarded, 2nd majors and minors associated with degrees awarded, and trends of degrees awarded