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Bachelor of Arts in Art with a Concentration in ART EDUCATION


The Art Education major provides coursework and field experiences for candidates who teach visual arts in the diverse classrooms of California. The Art Education major is a state approved subject matter preparation program (SMPP) that involves an academically rigorous and intellectually stimulating training in studio art, art history and art education. Candidates develop a commitment to academic scholarship in breadth of knowledge, and deepen abilities as a specialist in visual arts through the program coursework. Completion of the art education major also exempts teaching candidates from completing the California Subject Exam in the Arts (CSET Art).

Students select from three emphasis disciplines: Drawing and Painting, Crafts/3-D, and Computer/ Photo. The emphasis develops student expertise in the practice of a studio discipline for teaching with passion, competency and relevance with respect to the State-adopted Academic Content Standards for K-12 Students and Curriculum Frameworks for California Public Schools.

For program requirements, please see the University Academic Catalog.


Elizabeth Holster, Assistant Professor
Melanie Vogel, Lecturer
Kay Devine, Lecturer
Dru Cottrell, Lecturer
Marsha Judd, Lecturer