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Bachelor of Arts in Art with a Concentration in ART HISTORY


Art history offers a visual perspective from which to examine the history of world cultures and civilizations. Courses examine the history of art production and display focusing on global themes and concerns, such as iconography, patronage, portraiture, gender, the built environment, revolution, religion and the afterlife.

The students taking art history classes have many different interests, included are those pursuing careers in studio art, art history, and museums and galleries. Together the students represent a large cross-section from the university, all bringing their own interests to the study of art history, but sharing the conviction that art is a meaningful expression of the human experience.

For program requirements, please see the University Academic Catalog.


Joanna Roche, Ph.D., Program Coordinator, Professor, specialization in Contemporary Art
Elisa Mandell, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, specialization in Latin American Art
Chris Slogar, Ph.D., Associate Professor, specialization in African Art