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Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art with a Concentration in DRAWING & PAINTING


The Drawing & Painting area of concentration prepares students to be leaders in an increasingly visual world. Painters creatively pose and solve visual problems through complex image making. Our students learn both the conceptual and formal approaches to painting, from representation to abstraction to experimental practices. Students study pictorial space, color mixing, life studies, and painterly applications.

At the core of instruction are individual and group critiques conducted by faculty and visiting artists. The Drawing & Painting faculty are dedicated educators, accomplished artists, and respected scholars. Our faculty are known for being actively engaged in helping each student develop her or his ideas, technical skills, confidence and professional knowledge.

For program requirements, please see the University Catalog.


Don Lagerberg, Emeritus Professor, Drawing
Kyung Sun Cho, Professor and Program Coordinator
Joe Forkan, Professor
Jade Jewett, Department Chair, Professor

Drawing and Painting Alumni

Eric Beltz
Carole Caroompas
Eric Chauvin
Michelle Fierro
Tim Forcum
Ken Harsha
Maneli Jodat
Julie Kirk
Mark Kostabi
Tommii Lim
Jason Maloney
Robbie Miller
Ann Phong
Daniel Du Plessis
Sharon Ryan
Betty Shelton
Nina Stanley
Justin Sweet
Wataru Todoroki
Fred Tomaselli
Hoang Vu

Visiting artists in painting

Lisa Adams, Sandow Birk, Rebecca Campbell, Scott Canty, Merion Estes, Ruby Osorio, Pippilotti Rist, Rachel Rosenthal, Peter Sheldon, Miriam Shapiro, Tyler Stallings, and Patty Wickman.