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Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art with a Concentration in ENTERTAINMENT ART/ ANIMATION


The Entertainment Art/Animation program offers students the conceptual, technical, and practical skills to become successful entertainers, communicators and storytellers with a focus on character animation.

Program coursework is designed to provide students with a critical appreciation of historical and contemporary animation forms as well as the principles, concepts, and techniques used to create character based performances. At the completion of the program, students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the animation process and its use as a storytelling medium with visual skill and clarity.

For program requirements, please see the University Catalog.


Our faculty members bring significant professional experience to the classroom, having backgrounds as creative professionals working in the animation industry. Members of the CSUF Entertainment Art/Animation faculty have worked for Disney, Nickelodeon Animation Studios, Fox Animation Studios, Dreamworks, Film Roman, and many others. CSUF Faculty also explore the creation and exploration of personal animated films and related art, and have had their work displayed in festivals and competitive venues all over the world.

Dana Lamb, Emeritus Professor
Andy Fedak, Assistant Professor
Joe Forkan, Associate Professor
Chuck Greib, Assoctiate Professor and Program Coordinator
Wendy Greib, Assistant Professor
Tina Schmidt, Lecturer
Brian Kennon, Lecturer

Student and Alumni Achievements

In partnership with Nickelodeon Animation Studios, the Entertainment Art/Animation area has developed educational opportunities to further the career goals of its students. Graduates of the program are working or animating for: Cartoon Network, Disney Feature Animation, Disney TV Animation, Electronic Arts, Lucas Films, Nickelodeon, Pandemic Studios, Sony Pictures Imageworks, and Sony Games, to name a few. The work of our alumni can be seen in productions such as Spiderman 3, Superman Returns, Meet the Robinsons, Alvin and The Chipmunks, Ice Age 2, The Simpsons, Avatar, SpongeBob Squarepants, and many others.


Justin Ridge
Richard Pose
Mike Roush
Mike Williams
Jennifer Wood
Mike Daley
Von Jackson
Garrett Shikuma
Matt Spangler
Brian Growe
Alex Deligiannis
Rusty Tracy
John Cahoon
Edgar Tellez


CSUF attends the 2013 CTN Animation eXpo

CSUF at the Dreamworks DreamCrit (Fall 2013)

Fall 2013 Nickelodeon Masterclass at CSUF

Entertainment Art and Animation Fall 2013 wrap-up