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The Graphic Design program at Cal State Fullerton has distinguished itself in the larger Orange County and Los Angeles metropolitan area. Its faculty and student accomplishments are recognized in numerous national and international venues.

The program’s faculty and students reflect a rich diversity that is part of the Southern California experience. And, its faculty is committed to the idea that diversity enhances learning and that student’s benefit from the faculties East Coast, West Coast and Pacific Rim perspectives. Students are encouraged to explore various methods in the design process. The program is neither dogmatic nor liberal to any one approach. Its strength is in its ability to explore various problem solving processes and their relationship to the visual language.

Students also benefit from the area’s commitment to professional development. Many alumni mentors and other professionals have enriched the student experience with their continuous commitment to the program.

Professional development is also reflected in the studio experience. Over twenty years ago the Graphic Design Area fully embraced the latest professional digital tools available. It was among the first graphic design programs in the country to completely commit to digital processes. It continues to lead in its commitment in technology and professional development. Students have the opportunity to develop their digital, professional and academic abilities in every graphic design class. Every graphic design classroom is a twenty-four station digital studio.

The program is also privileged to have influenced other academic institutions. Many of its MFA and MA graduates have gone on and joined the faculty of other colleges and universities. Which include: Fullerton College; Long Beach City College; Rio Hondo College; Santa Ana College; Cal Poly Pomona; California State University, Long Beach; San Diego State; University of Monterrey, Mexico; and Hanyang University, Ansan, South Korea.

Like the field of graphic design, the area has grown. Twenty-five years ago the program was comprised of two full-time faculty members, now there are six, along with an equal number of adjunct faculty. As demand has grown the faculty remain committed to meeting all the academic needs of the students. They work hard at avoiding enrollment limitations and the burden of additional requirements like portfolio reviews. If you meet the qualifications you will not be turned away.

All students have the opportunity to learn and demonstrate problem-solving methods explicit to graphic design. With the right foundation, every student has the potential for success.


Jeffrey Bacon
Jon Norris
Joven Orozco
Cheryl Savala
John O’Brien
Steven Brower


Sergio Lizarraga, Associate Professor, Graphic Design Area Coordinator
John T. Drew, Professor, Graphic Design
Arnold Holland, Associate Professor
Theron Moore, Associate Professor
Chen Wang, Assistant Professor