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The underlying approach to the CSUF Sculpture program focuses on the application of traditional processes to contemporary ideas. Whether it is an object cast in metal or the movement of a kinetic piece the creation of sculpture relies on the ability to work with a complete variety of materials and techniques. This coupled with background knowledge of both historical and contemporary artists results in a better understanding of the field. We are also committed to exposing students to the future career possibilities through our workshops and field sessions to various professional sites throughout Southern California.


The lower division courses are designed to guide the beginning student through a diverse conceptual approach to sculpture, along with the appropriate technical support. Upper division courses become increasingly self-directed as the student's personal means of expression comes into focus. All levels of students are exposed to the proper and safe use of shop tools and machinery. This includes equipment for woodworking, plastic forming, welding, and metal casting. In addition, students will learn vocabulary pertinent to the area of sculpture, which is beneficial in the discussion of their work along with that of their peers.

We encourage you to visit the University Academic Catalog to become more familiar with the curriculum.


The sculpture program is housed within a 7000 sq. ft. complex with both indoor and outdoor work areas. Facilities include a complete workshop equipped with a variety of wood and metal working equipment, vacuum form machine and a 200 sq. ft. walk-in spray booth. The foundry features two #60 melt furnaces, a #20 Speedy-Melt furnace, a 180 cubic foot underground burnout kiln and an overhead hoist system which runs throughout the entire studio. The studio also includes gas, arc, MIG and TIG welders, along with a plasma cutter and forge.


The sculpture program is headed by Professor Jim Jenkins (MFA, Syracuse University, 1981). He maintains a wide range of professional activities by creating and exhibiting his work, conducting guest lectures and workshops, writing and curating exhibitions. In 2003 he was included in a ten-person exhibition of neon and kinetic art taking place in Tokyo, Japan. In 1997, he completed a monumental kinetic sculpture for Los Angeles' Van Nuys Airport. He is also the co-author of Motion Motion: Kinetic Art (published by Peregrine Smith Books, 1989).

In 2007, he was one of four featured artists in the exhibition entitled Humana Ex Machina at the CSUF Main Art Gallery. His personal website:

Visiting Artists

Guest artists hosted by the CSUF Sculpture program include the following:

Magdalena Abakanowicz
Gregory Barsamian
Rico Eastman
Arthur Ganson
Bernie Lubell
Ed Mayer
Michael Todd
James White


CSUF Sculpture is proud to have many of its alumni successfully practicing professional careers in the arts. Many of our graduates are now teaching at all levels of education. While most are active in California, some are now running their own university programs in areas as diverse as Texas, Ohio, Wisconsin and West Virginia. In addition, several other graduates now work in the entertainment industry as sculptors, set builders and special effect artists.