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ego/eco: environmental art for collective consciousness

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Nicole Dextras
Mobile Garden Dress, 2011 from the Urban Forager Dress {house of eco-drifters} series

Edible plants and flowers, natural fibers, fabric

This garment is 100% compostable and recyclable. It is constructed from natural materials such as willow, basketry reed, grasses and leaves. The hoop skirt is covered in pots containing live edible plants such as herbs and vegetables. It is both a sculpture and a wearable garment. The dress can also be used as a temporary shelter, it covers the basic needs of the new urban nomad.

A third, and final dress in the series will be completed at CSUF and on display in the gallery. Be sure to attend the exhibition's opening reception to see these dresses in action!


This group exhibition will include work by thirteen artists or artist collaborations ranging from emerging artists to pioneers in the field of Environmental Art and disciplines spanning graphic design, mixed media installation, painting, photography, sculpture and video art.

In addition, artist-in-residence, Nicole Dextras, during a 5-week residency will collaborate with the acclaimed Fullerton Arboretum to develop her Urban Forager Dress series and Little Green Dress Projekt. This collaboration, based on principles of public engagement, will produce installation art and performance interventions throughout the month of September. Be sure to sign up for the educational programming events planned in conjunction with the exhibition such as the Family Seedpod Workshop, Children’s Botanical Costume Creations Workshop, Artist Lecture, and Foraged Foods Cooking Class.

For more information, please visit the eco|eco website.