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Hearsay: Contemporary Artists Reveal Urban Legends

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Chris Farling
Sewer Gator
, 2011
Digital photograph


Hearsay includes approximately 35 artists who have each created a work based on an urban legend with special meaning to them. The exhibition incorporates a wide range of mediums, including painting, sculpture, photography, and video. Explanatory text will accompany each work.

By definition, an urban legend is: “A popular term for a narrative concerning some aspect of modern life that is believed by its teller but is actually untrue.” The exhibition explores the urban legend as a type of modern day mythology. Based in our collective fears, these stories touch on a common psyche provoking strong responses. Traditionally, a mix of text and imagery was used to communicate these stories across generations. More recently the internet has encouraged the spread of these tales, quite a few of which can be traced back to the original folklore that inspired them.

The purpose of this exhibition is not to illustrate the legend, but to analyze it. The expected result will no doubt have viewers revisiting stories heard while growing up and the significance of these stories to their own personal histories.

Artists include: Llyn Foulkes, Robert Williams, Jeffrey Vallance, Jim Shaw, Marnie Weber, Laurie Lipton, Victoria Reynolds, Naida Osline and Chris Wilder.


The exhibition catalogue will be published through Grand Central Press and available for purchase in the gallery at the opening reception.