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The Art Education major provides coursework and field experiences for candidates who teach visual arts in the diverse classrooms of California. The Art Education major is a state approved subject matter preparation program (SMPP) that involves an academically rigorous and intellectually stimulating training in studio art, art history and art education. Candidates develop a commitment to academic scholarship in breadth of knowledge, and deepen abilities as a specialist in visual arts through the program coursework. Completion of the art education major also exempts teaching candidates from completing the California Subject Exam in the Arts (CSET Art).

Students select from three emphasis disciplines: Drawing and Painting; Crafts/3-D; Computer/ Photo. The emphasis develops student expertise in the practice of a studio discipline for teaching with passion, competency and relevance with respect to the State-adopted Academic Content Standards for K-12 Students and Curriculum Frameworks for California Public Schools.

The program provides a broad and deep base for lifelong learning and teaching throughout a professional career.

The Art Education program curriculum adapts the art interests of students to support the growth of dedicated, professionally oriented artist/teacher practitioners. The program design reflects the notion that preparation for careers as visual artists is the foundation for successful, subject-centered arts teaching. Candidates exceed the “highly qualified teacher” standard demanded by the No Child Left Behind legislation (NCLB). California State University, Fullerton assigns high priority and strongly supports the program as an essential part of its mission. The University recognizes Art Education as an approved major for the Bachelor of Arts degree and the opportunity for students to engage the major through an emphasis aligned with their interests in the visual arts. Furthermore, the Visual Art Department recently reaffirmed its commitment to the Art Education Major as a core aspect of the department’s mission.

Art Education has two full time professors, both committed artists and art educators, who provide direction for the major integrated with the University’s highly respected Single Subject Credential Program. Students who plan to earn a Single Subject Credential in Art participate in field experiences and other pre-requisite courses in Secondary Art Education and general pedagogic preparation aligned with the Teaching Performance Assessment (TPA). There are 15 units of pre-requisites, which are not part of the major, nor required for earning the BA degree.

Most students who participate in the Art Education major intend to become art teachers in middle or high school art classrooms, although some elementary school districts hire art specialists. Candidates who wish to earn a multi-subject credential for general K-6 teaching should visit the Center for Careers in Teaching.

Students must make an application to the credential program through the Department of Secondary Education. Applications to the Single Subject Credential Program are due in February prior to the fall start of the program. Students who intend to apply to the program must have advisement with Art Education instructors and must also attend a credential overview seminar offered by the Department of Secondary Education

Applicants must also submit passing scores on the CBEST exam, and be able to complete all pre-requisite courses by the beginning of the Credential courses in the fall. All qualified applicants will be invited to participate in a portfolio review conducted by a committee of Master Teachers and Art Education staff.

It is not necessary to be an Art Education Major to apply for the Single Subject Credential Program. Students in other BFA and BA programs can complete coursework for the SMPP, Secondary Pre-requisites and portfolio review for application. Students from other colleges who apply to the CSUF program must pass the CSET Art as evidence of subject matter competency, or meet with art education advisors to schedule coursework that will fulfill SMPP requirements. All candidates for admission to the program must meet with an art education advisor, and participate in a portfolio review.


James Dahl, Assistant Professor
Elizabeth Holster, Assistant Professor
Melanie Vogel, Lecturer
Kay Devine, Lecturer
Dru Cottrell, Lecturer
Marsha Judd, Lecturer
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We encourage you to visit The University Academic Catalog to become more familiar with the Art Education curriculum as well as the News section for art department news.