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Show card for Jessica McNeil

Jessica McNeil (Drawing & Painting): Dogs and Cats and Stuff and Things
February 22 – 26, 2020
Visual Arts Complex,
Exit Gallery

Hours: Mon.–Thurs., 12–4 pm,

Opening Reception:
Saturday, February 22, 6-9 pm

Exhibition card for Julia Vaive

Julia Frances Vaive | Efflorescence: An Exploration of Self Through the Iris Flower
February 15–20, 2020 
Visual Arts Complex, Exit Gallery
pening Reception: 2/15 from 6–9 pm

General Hours: Mon. – Wed., 11–3 pm; Thurs. 11–2pm

Son Le, exhibition card

Son Le,  Shall You Love [Straight People] as Yourself?
February 10 – 13, 2020
Visual Arts Complex, Exit Gallery

Hours: Sat. - Thurs., 9 am – 1 pm
Opening Reception:
Saturday,  February   8 , 2020, 6–9 pm

'Try and Paint This' exhibition card

Try and Paint This
Beginning January 11, 2020
Visual Arts Complex, Freedman Gallery

Hours: TBA
Opening Reception:
Saturday, January 11, 2020,
6-9 pm

Artists:  Teagan Boram, Enid Bravo, Charles Brunner, Stephany Cabrera, Krystal Castro, Greg Chrispell, Jason Dao, Hunter Dillon, Madison Dunn, Samuel Dybeck, Michelle Fanoe, Jose Flores, Joshua Garcia, Keren Garcia, Matthew Garcia, Alan Hernandez, Edward Hernandez, Tien Ho, Seth Houston, Melissa Hoxworth, Alec Jones, Jessica Ku, Jamie Ang Lee, Samantha Lee, Jacqueline Leon, Kelly Leon, Azucena Lopez, Nguyen Ly, Griffin McCoy, Tiffany Meyers, Jared Miller, Brian Nguyen, Christina Nguyen, Mark Patricio, Andrew Rains, Sandra Rangel, Melissa Scrivner, Sally Sihn, Catherine Sirna, Sandra Sly, Kevein Staggs, Gayle A. Strong, William Taylor, Yen Tran, Daniel Whelan, Ryan Young, and Karin Zaldana-Moran

Wendy Duong exhibition announcement

Wendy Duong: A Fine Line Between
February 3–6, 2020
Visual Arts Complex, Exit Gallery

Hours:  Mon. – Thurs.: 11 am – 4 pm

Opening Reception:
Saturday, February 1, 2019, 6-9 pm

Instagram: @WendyDuongArt

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