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In our graduate program, you can further your study by working closely with leading performance and academic faculty in an environment that emphasizes personal attention. We offer MM and MA degrees in many areas of study, as well as an Artist Diploma certificate. To begin your graduate study, you must be both admitted to University and accepted by the School of Music. A complete application requires four things:

Online university application

Submit your university application at CSU Mentor.

Be sure to type your instrument (adding “jazz” if applicable), voice type, or form of conducting in the box labelled “Emphasis/Concentration.” Leaving this box blank will delay consideration of your application.

Transcripts and TOEFL

Have an official transcript from each university, college, and/or community college you have attended sent directly to:

CSU Fullerton
Admissions and Records
P.O. Box 6900
Fullerton, CA 92834-6900

If your native language is not English and you have not completed a bachelor’s degree at an English-speaking institution, also have your TOEFL score of 560/83 or higher for the MM/MA or 500/61 or higher for the Artist Diploma sent to the address above. Note that foreign language transcripts must be accompanied by certified English translations.

You cannot be admitted to CSUF without these documents. Sending them by February 1 (to begin study in fall) will expedite the admissions process and I-20 preparation.

Please note that GRE scores are not needed and that CSUF alumni do not need to send CSUF transcripts.

Supporting materials

Review the .pdf file for your intended area of study on the right and send any required letters of recommendation, essay, video (videos preferably by online link to YouTube, Dropbox, personal website, etc.), unofficial transcripts, and/or writing samples to John Koegel for the MM/MA or Dr. Ernest Salem for the Artist Diploma. If some material cannot be emailed, or if your attachments exceed 25MB, these materials may be mailed to the appropriate adviser:

John Koegel
Graduate Program Adviser
CSU Fullerton
School of Music
P.O. Box 6850
Fullerton, CA 92834-6850

Dr. Ernest Salem
Artist Diploma Adviser
CSU Fullerton
School of Music
P.O. Box 6850
Fullerton, CA 92834-6850


If required for your degree, sign up for a live performance audition during our main February audition period. Note that some areas of study have different audition procedures and timelines for consideration:

If the audition registration is closed, contact the area coordinator, as listed on the pdf file on the right, for information about the next audition period.

If the pdf file indicates that a recorded audition may be considered, submit a recorded video audition by online link to YouTube, Dropbox, personal website, etc. to John Koegel for the MM/MA or mail a DVD to John Koegel at the mailing address above.

Bring to your audition any repertoire list and/or unofficial transcripts if specified as a requirement in the pdf file.


Review the degree and entrance requirement descriptions for your intended area of study:

MM in Performance:

Choral Conducting
Collaborative Piano
Orchestral Conducting  
Wind Band Conducting

MM in Theory/Composition
MA in Music, Music Education
MA in Music, Music History and Literature
MA in Music, Piano Pedagogy

Artist Diploma

Financial questions? Studying at CSUF is very affordable, and we offer a robust set of financial aid options for U.S. citizens, including grants, scholarships, and loans. Make sure that you complete the FAFSA, preferably by February, to have access to the widest array of financial aid options. If you are not a U.S. citizen, the graduate adviser, artist diploma adviser, and other music faculty can provide information about relevant options, including OPT and CPT. If you have questions about what scholarships or other financial assistance may be offered specifically through the School of Music, contact the area coordinator listed at the bottom of the .pdf file above.

Deadlines. If you intend to audition during the main February audition period to begin classes the next fall semester, you should submit your online university application and other required materials by the end of January to ensure the most complete consideration. If no deadline is listed in the pdf file above for your intended area of study, applicants may be considered on a rolling basis. However, in such cases, online university applications must be submitted at CSUMentor by the beginning of May for Fall admission and by October 17 for Spring 2015 admission. If you have missed this deadline, please contact the MM/MA adviser or Artist Diploma adviser listed above to learn about other options for beginning your graduate study at CSUF soon.