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All students in the School of Music are required to participate in a major performance ensemble each semester. For wind and percussion students, this means that you are required to perform an instrumental ensemble placement audition and will be assigned to register for participation in one of the following three ensembles: Wind Symphony, Symphonic Winds, or University Band. This audition may also serve as your audition for the University Orchestra.


Who Must Audition

All wind and percussion music majors and anyone else wishing to participate in our elite wind bands: Wind Symphony (406F) and Symphonic Winds (406C). Non music-majors who elect to participate in University Band (406U) do not need to audition.

Pianists, Harpists, and String Bassists: If you would like to participate in the band program, please contact Dr. Barr directly at


First-Round Video Auditions (except oboists/percussionists)

In order to expedite ensemble placement, we are moving to a video audition format for most instruments.  Please follow the instructions below and submit your videos by 11:59pm on Sunday, August 19, 2018.  Oboists and Percussionists, see below for live audition instructions

  1.  Video record your audition.
    • You may use a camcorder, smartphone, webcam or any other means to create your videos.
    • You may submit one long video for your entire audition or you may include each portion of the audition as a separate video.

  2. Upload your videos to a file sharing program (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.) or to a video hosting website (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.).
    • Every CSUF student is given a free Dropbox account that can be used for this purpose.

  3. Submit your video
    • You will be able to supply internet links (URLs) to your uploaded videos.
    • It is your responsibility to ensure that your videos can be viewed by anyone with the link. Please check this before submitting!
    • Audition videos are due by 11:59pm on Sunday, August 19, 2018.


Live Callback Auditions

Students whose video audition places them on the border between two ensembles may be required to play a live callback audition. Dr. Barr will reach out to you via email to schedule this audition. It will likely occur on August 25 or 26.



• Friday, Aug. 24  -  1:00pm  -  CPAC-119
• You should have already received an email from Dr. Liu with excerpts to prepare along with some preliminary details.
• Please email Dr. Liu with any questions or concerns:


• Friday, Aug. 24  -  5:30pm-9:00pm  -   CPAC-119
Sign up for an audition time here online Opens in new window
Online sign-ups utilize Google Sheets.  It is recommended to access the sign-ups from a computer.  Mobile users will need to have the Google Sheets app installed in order to sign-up.

Audition Materials

  1. A solo or etude of your choice; approximately 2-2.5 minutes in length. Percussionists should prepare a marimba solo.
  2. Excerpts (available below)
    You must prepare all excerpts unless they are marked optional.
    Listening to multiple recordings of the excerpts is an expected part of any audition process.
  3. Sight reading may be required at Live Callback Auditions.



An email will be sent with audition results as soon as they are available but no later than Sunday, August 26 (the day before classes begin).
Results will also be posted on the bulletin board outside of room CPAC-119.




Flute (including piccolo) PDF File Opens in new window
Oboe PDF File Opens in new window   (see special instructions above)
Bassoon PDF File Opens in new window
Clarinet PDF File Opens in new window
Saxophone PDF File Opens in new window    (all music majors are expected to audition on alto. If not possible, please email Dr. Barr)
Trumpet PDF File Opens in new window
Horn PDF File Opens in new window
Trombone PDF File Opens in new window
Bass Trombone PDF File Opens in new window
Euphonium PDF File Opens in new window
Tuba PDF File Opens in new window
Percussion PDF File Opens in new window    (see special instructions above)
• Bass - email Dr. Barr for details.
 Piano - email Dr. Barr for details.
 Harp - email Dr. Barr for details.




Dustin Barr, DMA
Director of Bands
Office: CPAC-227B
Phone: (657) 278-8376




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