Musical Theatre BFA Special Admit Request

 Musical theatre students in performance


If you are a student who has not been admitted to the university, you may be interested in our special admission request (“silver bullet”) auditions. We will offer special admission consideration to the three most promising non-local (non-Orange County) high school students, asking our Admissions office to hold them to the standard they apply to local students (rather than the out-of-county admission threshold). 

You must meet all of the following criteria to submit an audition dvd:

1. You applied for admission to the university as a first-time freshman by the November deadline.
2. You have not received an offer of admission to the university.
3. You do not attend an Orange County high school.

Only videotaped audition submissions will be considered (no “on site” audition).


1. Introduce yourself at the beginning of the video with only: your name, your location (e.g., Bay Area, San Diego, Denver, etc.), and your current GPA.

2. Sing an “audition cut” of your best musical theatre song (audition cuts avoid repeats that do not further develop the character); please limit your selection to no more than 3 minutes. Please use live accompaniment or an orchestration track. A cappella (without accompaniment) auditions are not acceptable.

3. Submit an email with the following:

Your one-page acting resume
Your audition dvd (OR post the video on YouTube, etc., and send the link)

Once your email and attachments/link are received, you will be sent a confirmation email (usually not later than 48 hours after receipt). If you don’t receive a confirmation email after 48 hours, please re-submit.

Late submissions will not be accepted or considered.

Criteria for audition Adjudication 

Vocal technique
Vocal range
Accuracy (in pitch, tempo, notes, lyrics, accompaniment, etc.)
Appropriate vocal styling (suitable to the song in period/style)
Use of dynamic
Breath control
Vocal strength
Physical life (please limit movement/choreography to that suitable for an audition with the song selected)
Acting (appropriate for the song selection – character addressing a specific partner(s), and progressing to some kind of change)
Lack of distracting mannerisms/vocal-speech problems, and/or tension in instrument (in gesture, face, jaw, neck, shoulders, etc.)
Ability to work with an accompanist/accompaniment

 Fall 2018 Deadlines

Special Admit Request audition submission deadline: April 15
It is best to apply immediately (within 2 weeks) after receiving notice of non-acceptance from CSUF.

Application deadline: TBD