About Us

There are 10 Assistant Deans for Student Affairs. Each works in collaboration with the Dean of the College or area Associate Vice President, and the Executive Director for Retention Initiatives to deliver and integrate services into the academic setting. In addition, the Assistant Dean serves as an integral part of student success by designing and coordinating programs that attract potential students, promote access and retention, enrich the academic environment, and enhance student development through co-curricular learning for the population they serve.  

Why might you want to see us?

  • Scholarship information
  • Counseling and referral
  • Advising
  • Orientation
  • Clubs and organizations
  • Opportunities for involvement
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Jobs on campus
  • Conflict resolution


The Assistant Deans for Student Affairs seek to engage members of the University in the process of student advocacy, community building and collaborative learning ~ thus facilitating student success.

Campus Involvement

With specialized knowledge and experience in co-curricular student development activities, the Assistant Deans work closely with the academically related student organizations on campus. Focusing on the clubs and organizations in their respective colleges, the Assistant Deans provide advisement, information, and referrals to students and faculty advisers.

Counseling and Referrals

Assistant Deans meet with students both individually and in groups to assist them in achieving their personal, academic and professional goals. Heavily networked within the university, the Assistant Deans are excellent sources of campus and community information. In addition, the Assistant Deans serve as the colleges referral person for faculty and staff to direct students facing issues that require immediate attention (crises). Through structured programs such as New Student Orientation and probation advisement programs, or through informal conversations with students, the Assistant Deans help students chart a course for academic success.

Student Advocacy

The Assistant Deans serve as student advocates by representing the needs of students to university staff, faculty, and administrators. Advocacy takes many forms, including: individual student advising, consulting with college-based staff and department chairs, and assisting students through the maze of the university services, policies and procedures.

Leadership Development

Understanding the value of co-curricular learning, the Assistant Deans encourage students to participate in leadership development opportunities both within the colleges and across campus. Each Assistant Dean serves as the advisor to their college s Inter-Club Council; organizations that allocate funding from Associated Students, Inc., for students to participate in professional development activities such as conferences, competitions and symposia. In addition, Assistant Deans regularly serve as presenters for numerous leadership development activities at CSUF.

Research and Assessment

In partnership with faculty, staff and college administrators, the Assistant Deans conduct research on CSUF students and their needs in order to improve their educational experiences. For more details regarding assessment projects and reports, please visit the Assistant Dean Assessment page.


The Assistant Deans are an excellent source of information and assistance for students seeking financial assistance. While serving on the university scholarship committee, the Assistant Deans coordinate scholarships for their respective colleges.

Event Planning

The Assistant Deans coordinate programs to highlight the accomplishments of CSUF students and alumni. Examples include honor list recognition, college weeks, and awards programs. In addition, the Assistant Deans represent their colleges in the planning of many university-wide events.

Enrollment Management

The Assistant Deans are actively involved in all facets of enrollment management activities, including: outreach to high schools and community colleges to recruit first-year, transfer, graduate and credential candidates; orientation of new students to Cal State Fullerton; and the planning of retention programs focused on student success and graduation.