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On Campus Communities

TITANium Update Group (TUG)
A monthly sharing and informational group, hosted by the FDC, that is open for anyone who would like to attend.

How to join:

  • To join TUG, please log on to the portal
  • Click the Blackboard tab
  • Click on the green button "Click here to access Blackboard Courses"
  • You will be directed to the Blackboard LMS site.
  • Click on the green CSUF Communities tab (at top).
  • Type "TUG" into the Organization Search box and click Go.
  • At the search result screen, click on the Enroll button (far right).
  • Click Submit at the next screen.
  • Click OK to confirm.
  • You will be taken to the TUG community page.

NOTE: You only need to search and enroll in the community once; afterward the community will show up in the Blackboard LMS site. Once we have communities established on TITANium, we will migrate the site.

Please direct all technical questions to Catherine Dinh, ext. 4722. For general questions about TUG, please contact:

Anh Nelson

(657) 278-2841

eLearning Consortium
The University Wide Consortium on E-Learning is a group of faculty, staff, and administration who share a common interest in e-learning. Participation is open to all interested members of the campus community.

For more information on the eLearning Consortium, please contact:

Dr. Lynda Randall
Faculty Coordinator, Academic Techology
(657) 278-2744


External Communities

Moodle Community @

















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