Academic Technology

Titanium Glossary


Add an activity
Educational assignments to do including uploading assignments, chat, forum entries, quiz, etc.
Add a resource
Add files, folders, URL's, page, IMS content, label.
A work posted online that will have a grade book entry.
Blocks (Add a Block)
Located on right hand side. (latest news, upcoming events, recent activity). Can also 'Add a Block' (comments, quiz results...).
Collaboration tools – online chat area.
Editing ON/OFF
Switch between editing view and normal view.
Edit Settings
Customize Moodle page through different settings.
Add or access a discussion forum.
Add or access the grade center.
Latest news
Links from news forum. Displays announcements.
News Forum
Used to display announcements.
List of enrolled users in your Moodle course.
Add or access tests/quizzes.
A generic term that refers to the areas within a course that hold activities.
Switch role to
Switch views between instructor and student roles.
As course tabs as in blackboard.
Upcoming events
Course calendar.

Term Translations

Blackboard Titanium
Course Menu Items Topics
Announcements News Forum
Discussion Board Forum
Grade Center Grades
Test Quiz
Chat Chat
iLinc Web Meetings
Digital Dropbox/Assignments Assignments
User Management Users
Course Availability Availability
Messages Send a Message




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