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Migrating from Blackboard to Titanium


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There are two methods are available for moving Blackboard Courses into TITANium:

Option #1 (Assisted)
The Information Technology Learning Management Systems (IT LMS) team will migrate the majority of your Blackboard content into Titanium. This is best for instructors who simply want their Titanium course to look similar to their existing Blackboard course. Details of this process are listed below.

• An IT LMS team member will be added as a "Teacher's Assistant" to each Blackboard course. When the migration process is complete, the team member will be removed from each Blackboard course.

• A Titanium topic for each of the appropriate Blackboard tabs (Course Information, Course Documents, Assignments, Discussion Boards, etc.) will be created. If faculty would like to reconfigure their courses based on weeks instead of topics, please select option #1.

• Faculty must indicate whether they wish to rebuild quizzes on their own. If requested, the IT LMS team will migrate quizzes from Blackboard to TITANium. Opting for the IT LMS team to migrate quizzes will significantly increase the amount of time it takes for the migration to be completed. Please note, quizzes will not retain the grade/points settings, when migrated. Instructors must review and reset the settings of each quiz.

• After course content is migrated into TITANium, faculty will be required to perform a variety of "cleanup steps" before their course will be ready for instruction. An email will be sent to faculty with cleanup information specific to their courses.

To request IT assisted migration of your courses from Blackboard data into TITANium, please complete the request form:

Blackboard to Titanium IT Assisted Transfer Request Form**

** You will be required to login, using your campus login and password.


Option #2 DIY (Do-It-Yourself)
Faculty can migrate their own course content from Blackboard into Titanium. This is ideal for instructors who want a clean start in TITANium or want to take advantage of this opportunity to reorganize their course information. A guide is available at How to Move your Blackboard Course into TITANium.

Please contact the IT LMS team for questions or concerns related to the migration process at








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