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Electronic & Information Technology Procurement

Section 508 includes a set of accessibility standards for six categories of electronic and information technology (E&IT) including web applications, hardware, software, telecommunications, multimedia, and self-contained closed products like copiers, fax machines, kiosks, etc.  The CSU must incorporate Section 508 standards as it develops or acquires new E&IT resources.  The CSU is required to purchase E&IT products and services that conform to the standards established for each category of covered items, if such are commercially available, and their purchase does not result in an undue burden or fundamental alteration.

Electronic and Information Technology Procurement Plan

By June 15, 2007, each campus must develop an implementation plan for the procurement of electronic and information technology (E&IT) covered under Section 508.  The plan should include, but is not limited to, the following elements:

1. Research, evaluation, documentation, verification where appropriate, and determination of exceptions related to E&IT procurement.  

2. A process for determining undue burden or fundamental alteration. 

3. Procedures for providing equally effective alternate access for E&IT acquisitions that are approved for exception or that are not yet subject to the E&IT accessible procurement process.  

4. A communication process and training plan to educate the campus community about Section 508 procurement requirements and the established procedures.

5. An evaluation process to measure the effectiveness of the plan. 

6. The identification of roles and responsibilities associated with the above processes. 

7. Milestones and timelines that conform to the project calendar.

News & Updates
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