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Reporting ATI 508 Accessiblity Issues

If you are having an issue with using assitive technology on a website please let us know.  We will work with the department to resolve this issue.  We make it our policy to make web resources accessible to all regardless of disability.  

What is a ATI 508 Issue?

Web accessiblity is a whole set of policies which work to improve the usage of electronic materials for people with various needs when accessing online materials.  508 is the web accessiblity part of the larger overall initiative that is articulated in Executive Order 926 (EO 926).  For more information on this check out this site and you can visit the CSU Accessiblity Technology Initiative


Stop! You may be in the wrong place!

If you were on a site and found that a link was broken, content was old, a PDF didn't load, or anything that was related to accuracy or working nature of the content on an given page that is a different problem.  This form addresses section 508 standards for dealing with accessible technology and NOT access to websites or their materials.


Talk to the department and get better results.

Every department has a web contact email located in the footer of their site, or they should have contact information somewhere on their site.  This form will not be sent to people who can update or change hyperlinks, text, images, and make decisions on site structure.  The fastest way to get your content problems fixed is to talk to them directly.  

Suspected Spam

In order to minimize the amount of span we receive while making the form as easy to use we block this page when certain information is not found.

It looks like you went directly to this form and are trying to report a problem. Since we can not detect the page you were at when you discovered the issue we are blocking the form.

If you want to contact us about a page you can either return to the page where the problem exists and use the contact link in the footer to report a web accessibility issue or use the contact email below in the footer to report the issue using your email. If you email the problem please include the site url where you found the problem.