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College of the Arts


Jerry Samuelson

Joseph Arnold

Dean Harris

Visual Arts 199
(714) 278-3256


"More than anything else, the excellence of our programs can be seen in our people - the faculty, staff, students and graduates. Their presence is perhaps the strongest recommendation to be made for pursuing the arts at Cal State Fullerton."

Dean Jerry Samuelson
College of the Arts

The learning opportunities within the College of the Arts are based on a commitment to artistic and academic excellence. We provide an environment that encourages individual achievement for performers, artists and scholars.

Within the broader university liberal arts environment, the College of the Arts offers intensive programs in Art, Music, Theatre and Dance. We are also committed to the enhancement of artistic awareness of all students.

We extend a warm welcome to you, and we promise that with your perseverance, we will do everything possible to further your goals and objectives in whatever field of the arts you choose.

Academic advisement is available through the departments. Faculty advisers are available to assist students with career decisions and degree requirements.

Several scholarships are available to students in the College of the Arts. Inquiries should be made to the respective department offices.

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Art, Bachelor of Arts
   Art History
   General Studio Art

Art, Bachelor of Fine Arts
   Creative Photography
   Drawing and Painting
   Entertainment Art/Animation
   Graphic Design

Art, Minor

Art, Master of Arts
   Drawing and Painting (Printmaking)
   Crafts (including Ceramics, Glass, Wood, Jewelry/Metalsmithing)
   Design (including Graphic Design, Illustration, Exhibition Design, Creative Photography)
   Art History

Art, Master of Fine Arts
   Drawing, Painting and Printmaking
   Ceramics (including Glass)
   Crafts (including Jewelry/Metalsmithing and Woodworking)
   Design (including Graphic Design, Illustration and Exhibition Design)
   Creative Photography

Art, Museum Studies, Certificate

Dance, Bachelor of Arts

Music, Bachelor of Arts
   Liberal Arts
   Music Education
   Music History and Theory

Music, Bachelor of Music
   Classical Guitar
   Jazz and Commercial Music

Music, Minor

Music, Master of Arts
   Music History and Literature
   Music Education

Music, Master of Music

Music, Single Subject (Secondary) Credential

Theatre Arts, Bachelor of Arts
   Liberal Arts
      Technical Production/Design

Theatre, Bachelor of Fine Arts
   Musical Theatre

Theatre Arts, Master of Fine Arts
   Design and Technical Production

Grand Central Art Center

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