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College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Anthropology lab


Thomas Klammer

Claire Palmerino

Angela Della Volpe

David McKenzie


Humanities 211
(714) 278-3528


"Students new to the College of Humanities and Social Sciences are often surprised at how friendly and helpful our faculty are. Classes are 'student friendly,' and students discover many opportunities for participation with their teachers in research, projects, conference presentations and in service learning. Our faculty make a really positive difference in students’ lives."

Dean Thomas Klammer
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences (H&SS) offers students the breadth of a traditional liberal arts education in the humanities and social sciences while preparing them for a wide range of professions, for graduate school and for advanced professional study in fields such as law, public administration, clinical psychology, and business. In fact, the College is home to 20 different departments and programs, most offering both bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Our faculty and staff are student-centered and enjoy providing friendly, personal guidance and mentoring to our students. That’s why the College of H&SS is the right place for so many Cal State Fullerton students.

Many of our students intend to become teachers, and each of our programs includes a track that prepares students for entry into the elementary school teaching credential program. For those seeking to become high school teachers, we offer programs leading to secondary credentials in English/Language Arts, Foreign Languages, and History/Social Science.

In the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, students know that “the name of your major does not have to be the same as the name of your career.” In fact, for most college students, it rarely is. All majors in H&SS provide students with the broad education and core skills (reading, writing, critical thinking, working in teams, public speaking) that will be attractive to employers in whatever career or field a graduate may later choose.

Majors in the Humanities and Social Sciences not only prepare students for the profession of their choice, but also help them to excel in coursework throughout their time at the University. If you’re a student working on an assignment that involves complex analysis, critical thinking, or persuasive communication, your studies in one of the degree programs in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences will provide you with what you need to succeed in your classes University Extension – in any field.

Of course, learning takes place outside of the formal structure of classes, as well. We give a high priority to involving students directly in faculty research and professional internships. And each of our departments includes one or more student clubs and organizations that promote life-long friendships, social activities, and service projects. The H&SS Interclub Council (ICC) provides additional leadership opportunities for students in the College, as well as promoting communication among more than 50 clubs and organizations run by and for Humanities and Social Sciences students.

Listed below are the many majors, minors, and graduate degrees offered within the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. Academic advisement is provided by each of the College’s departments and programs, as well as in our Student Access Center located in Humanities 112.

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Afro-Ethnic Studies (Option in B.A.
Ethnic Studies)

Afro-Ethnic Studies, Minor

American Studies, Bachelor of Arts

American Studies, Master of Arts

American Studies, Minor

Anthropology, Bachelor of Arts

Anthropology, Master of Arts

Anthropology, Minor

Asian American Studies (Option in B.A.
Ethnic Studies)

Asian American Studies, Minor

Asian Studies, Minor

Chicana/o Studies (Option in B.A. Ethnic Studies)

Chicana/o Studies, Minor

Christian Studies, Minor

Comparative Literature, Bachelor of Arts

Criminal Justice, Bachelor of Arts

Criminal Justice, Minor

English, Bachelor of Arts

English, Master of Arts

English, Minor

Environmental Studies, Master of Science
   Environmental Sciences
   Environmental Policy and Planning
   Environmental Education and Communication

Ethnic Studies, Bachelor of Arts

European Studies, Bachelor of Arts

European Studies, Minor

French, Bachelor of Arts

French, Master of Arts

French, Minor

Geography, Bachelor of Arts
   Urban Geography
   Environmental Analysis

Geography, Master of Arts

Geography, Minor

German, Bachelor of Arts

German, Master of Arts

German, Minor

Gerontology, Master of Science

Gerontology, Minor

Gerontology, Certificate

History, Bachelor of Arts

History, Master of Arts

History, Minor

International Politics, Minor

Japanese, Bachelor of Arts

Japanese, Minor

Jewish Studies, Minor

Latin American Studies, Bachelor of Arts

Latin American Studies, Minor

Law, Polotics and Society, Minor

Liberal Studies, Bachelor of Arts

Liberal Studies, Minor

Linguistics, Bachelor of Arts

Linguistics, Master of Arts
   Applied Linguistics
   Anthropological Linguistics
   Analysis of Special Language Structures
   Communication and Semantics
   Disorders of Communication

Linguistics, Minor

Philosophy, Bachelor of Arts
   Social, Moral and Legal Philosophy for the Professions

Philosophy, Minor

Political Science, Bachelor of Arts

Political Science, Master of Arts

Political Science, Minor

Portuguese, Minor

Psychology, Bachelor of Arts

Psychology, Master of Arts

Psychology, Master of Science Clinical

Psychology, Minor

Public Administration, Bachelor of Arts

Public Administration (M.P.A.)
   Criminal Justice
   Human Resources
   Public Finance
   Urban Management

Public Administration, Minor

Religious Studies, Bachelor of Arts

Religious Studies, Minor

Sociology, Bachelor of Arts
   Deviance and Socio-Legal Studies
   Social Work
   Sociology of Class, Race and Gender

Sociology, Master of Arts

Sociology, Minor

Spanish, Bachelor of Arts

Spanish, Master of Arts

Spanish, Minor

Teachers of English as a Second Language (Certificate)

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages-TESOL (Concentration in M.S. Education)

Women’s Studies, Bachelor of Arts

Women’s Studies, Minor

Student raising hand in class


HUM 350T    Life and Culture Abroad

Description: Prerequisite: completion of General Education Categories III.B.1. and III.B.2. Interdisciplinary course to give students a broad background to culture and civilization abroad. Takes a social, historical and cultural approach to contemporary societies abroad. Examines traditions and institutions to help understand the 20th-century way of life abroad. Related field trips. (Course only offered as part of CSUF Humanities Study Abroad Program.)
Units: (3)

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