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Asian Studies

Introduction | Minor in Asian Studies

William W. Haddad (History)


Humanities 815F

Minor in Asian Studies

K. Chu (Economics), Craig Ihara (Philosophy), Irene Lange (Marketing), Preston Stedman (Music), Barbara Weightman (Geography) and Heping Zhao (English).

Asia, more than any other region in the world, has become the focus of extensive international business, political relationships, and cultural exchange. Millions of people of Asian descent have become an integral part of American society. Indeed, California, more than any other place in the United States, is the residence of immigrants from throughout Asia. In order to keep pace with current developments in this extremely important part of the world, students are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to minor in Asian Studies.

The faculty for the Asian Studies Minor is drawn from several departments. What they have in common is that they teach and do research on Asia. The interdisciplinary nature of the Minor allows students the unique opportunity to learn about Asia from broad and differing perspectives.

The minor consists of 21 units: 6 units chosen from the listed core courses and 15 units of electives chosen in consultation with an adviser as outlined below.

Core Courses (6 units)
Anthro 340 Peoples of Asia (3)
OR Anthro 347 Peoples of the Pacific (3)
Geography 340 Asia (3)

Electives (15 units)
One course each from three of the four following categories, plus 6 units of advisor-approved electives:

Language, Culture, Geography, and Human Behavior
Anthro 340 Peoples of Asia (3)*
Anthro 347 Peoples of the Pacific (3)*
Any Japanese Language Course
Any Chinese Language Course
Any Vietnamese Language Course
Geography 330 California Landscapes (3)
Geography 340 Asia (3)
Kinesiology 151 Aikido (1)
Kinesiology 152 Karate (1)
Human Comm 320 Intercultural Communication (3)
*One of these is applicable as an elective if not chosen as a core course.

History and Politics
History 360 Modern Asia: Nationalism and Revolutionary Change (3)
History 461 Modern Vietnam (3)
History 462A History of China (3)
History 462B History of China (3)
History 462C China Since 1949 (3)
History 463A History of Japan (3)
History 463B History of Japan (3)
History 464A History of Southeast Asia to 1800 (3)
History 464B History of Contemporary Southeast Asia, 1800-present(3)
History 465A History of India (3)
History 465B History of India (3)
History 490T Senior Research Seminar (3) (Where course topic focuses on area of Asia).
Poli Sci 434 The Asia-Pacific in World Affairs (3)
Poli Sci 451T Problems in International Politics (3)
Poli Sci 457 Politics of International Economics (3)
Poli Sci 476 International Law (3)

Arts and Humanities
(including Art, Literature, Philosophy and Comparative Religion)
Comp Lit 380 Introduction to Asian Literature (3)
Comp Lit 382T Topics in Asian Literature (3)
Music 352 Symphonic Music in Western & Eastern Cultures (3)
Philosophy 350 Asian Philosophy (3)
Philosophy 352 Philosophy of Asian Martial Arts (3)
Comparative Religion 270T Introduction to the Asian Religions (3)

International Business and Economics
Economics 332 Economies of the Pacific Rim (3)
Economics 333 Economic Development: Analysis & Case Studies (3)
Economics 335 The International Economy (3)
Economics 411 International Trade (3)
Finance 370 International Business Finance (3)
Marketing 445 Multinational Marketing Strategies (3)

Asian couple

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