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Introduction | Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration
Master of Business Administration | Management Courses
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Ellen Dumond

Steven G. Mihaylo Hall 5313




Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration
  Concentration in Entrepreneurship
  Concentration in Management
Master of Business Administration
  Concentration in Entrepreneurship
  Concentration in Management

Farouk Abdelwahed, Michael Ames, Thomas Apke, Peng Chan, Paul Choi, Ellen Dumond, Harold Fraser, Adelina Gnantlet, Gamini Gunawardane, Thomas Johnson, Dmitry Khanin, Casey Kleindienst, Brian Kleiner, Elliot Kushell, David Leibsohn, Raj Mahto, Gus Manoochehri, Thomas Mayes, Seungwook Park, Richard Parry, Goli Sadri, Paula Silva, Charles Smith, Don Smith, Hamid Tavakolian

Management students club meeting

Managers are needed in a wide variety of different types of organizations – business and non-business, large and small, foreign and domestic. In all of these organizations, managers need technical, human and conceptual skills to help achieve organizational goals.

Management courses are designed to teach the fundamental principles underlying organizations, to emphasize education which will improve students’ thought processes, to provide familiarity with the analytical tools of management, and to develop in the student an ability to use the techniques involved in analyzing and evaluating managerial problems and making sound decisions.

Students may pursue a wide variety of academic and career interests through four different management emphases. These emphases include: (1) general management, (2) human resources management, (3) operations management, and (4) law. The entrepreneurship concentration is also housed in the management department.

The Business Advising Center, Langsdorf Hall 731, provides information on admissions, curriculum and graduation requirements; registration and grading procedures; residence and similar academic matters. In addition, the Management Department provides advising on career opportunities within the Management and Entrepreneurship Concentrations:

Business Law Richard Parry
Entrepreneurship Michael Ames
General Management Farouk Abdelwahed
International Management Peng Chan
Human Resources Treena Gillespie/Paula Silva
Operations Management Seungwook Park
Graduate Program Ellen Dumond

Credential Information
For students interested in a teaching credential, the Management Department offers courses which may be included in the Subject Matter Preparation and Supplementary Authorization Programs for secondary teaching.

Further information on the requirements for teaching credentials is found in the Teaching Credential Programs section of this catalog and is also available from the Department of Secondary Education. Students interested in exploring careers in teaching at the elementary or secondary school levels should contact the Office of Admission to Teacher Education (714-278-3352).

Awards in Management
The Gus Berger Award/Operations Management
The H. Peter Guertin/APICS Orange County Chapter Scholarship
Outstanding Management Student Award
Human Resource Management Scholarship

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See "Business Administration Degrees, Concentrations in Entrepreneurship and Management."

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See "Business Administration, MBA Specialist Plan."

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Courses are designated as MGMT in the class schedule.

MGMT 246    Business and Its Legal Environment

Description: Examines laws and regulations affecting the business environment and managerial decisions including the legal system and methods of dispute resolution. Topics include torts, crimes, contracts, product liability, business organization, employment, antitrust, environmental protection; incorporates ethical considerations and international perspectives. Uses case studies.
Units: (3)

MGMT 335    Family Business Dynamics

Description: Prerequisite: completion of lower-division business core. This course is devoted to the study of the unique issues faced by family-owned and operated businesses. The textbooks, lecture, and outside real world projects explore the business, personal, and interpersonal issues associated with family-owned businesses.
Units: (3)

MGMT 339    Principles of Management and Operations

Description: Corequisites: Business Admin 301 and InfoSys/DecSci 361A. This course integrates selected general management concepts with operations management concepts and techniques. Emphasis is placed on the development of competencies required for effective planning, designing, operating, controlling and improving processes that produce and deliver quality goods and services.
Units: (3)

MGMT 340    Organizational Behavior

Description: Prerequisites: General Education in Social Sciences. Corequisites: Business Admin 301 and InfoSys/DecSci 361A. Social and cultural environments of business. Business ethics. Communication, leadership, motivation, perception, personality development, group dynamics and group growth. Human behavior and organizational design and management practice in American and world wide business.
Units: (3)

MGMT 343    Human Resource Management

Description: Prerequisites: Business Admin 301 and Management 340 or equivalent. A survey of the Human Resource Management function in
Units: (3)

MGMT 346    International Law for Business

Description: Prerequisite: Management 246 or equivalent. Study of the international legal environment in which firms operate. Case studies in the areas of treaties and laws, EU, NAFTA, international contracts, regulation of imports, exports and competition, government policies, enforcement of property rights and issues involving ethical responsibilities.
Units: (3)

MGMT 348    Commercial Law

Description: Prerequisite: Management 246 or equivalent. The philosophy, institutions and role of law and ethical considerations in commercial transactions. Case studies in sales, storage and shipment of goods, commercial paper, debtor and creditor rights and remedies, bankruptcy, secured transactions and suretyship.
Units: (3)

MGMT 349    Law for Small Business

Description: Prerequisites: Business Admin 301 and Management 246. The philosophy, institutions, and role of law and their practical applications in the areas of interest to the small business person. Product liability, consumer rights, workers’ compensation and other topics.
Units: (3)

MGMT 350    International Business and Management

Description: Prerequisite: Management 339 or Management 340. This is the fundamental course in international business and international management. It seeks to provide an overview of international business and emphasizes a managerial approach which involves examining the various roles of managers in an international setting.
Units: (3)

MGMT 421    Operations and Systems Design

Description: Prerequisite: Management 339. Key management methodologies for design of high-performing service and manufacturing organizations. Focus is on achieving competitiveness and profitability through excellent management of service and product design, process analysis and reengineering, capacity and facility planning, work systems, and technology management.
Units: (3)

MGMT 422    Operations Planning and Control

Description: Prerequisite: Management 339. Presents the concepts and techniques to plan output, schedule product and employees, manage inventory, and coordinate activities to better meet customer demand. The use of ERP systems is discussed. Uses cases, research projects, and/or computer software.
Units: (3)

MGMT 423    Purchasing and Supply Management

Description: Prerequisites: Management 339. Addresses the operational and strategic role of purchasing/supply management in organizations. Develops skills and knowledge in supplier selection/evaluation, negotiation, cost/price analysis, contract management, global sourcing, commodity analysis, value analysis. Exercises, cases, guest speakers will be used.
Units: (3)

MGMT 425    Quality Management and Improvement

Description: Prerequisite: Management 339. Measurement and improvement of productivity and quality in organizations. Focus on problem-solving and process management tools. Case analyses and research projects address issues of people and technology. Learn how to improve your organization: manufacturing or service, department or company.
Units: (3)

MGMT 426    Global Operations

Description: Prerequisite: Management 339. Focuses in on the managerial issues related to the “international division of labor” and the resulting operational challenges in the generation and exchange of goods and services across international borders.
Units: (3)

MGMT 427    Management of Technology and Innovation

Description: Prerequisites: Management 339. Focuses on strategic and operational management of technology and innovation decisions, activities, interfaces, policies and programs in contemporary organizations. Issues such as technology development/deployment, innovation dynamics and strategic/economic payoffs are discussed.
Units: (3)

MGMT 430    Integrated Supply Chain Management

Description: Prerequisites: Management 339 (or equivalent) and Marketing 351. Study of managing materials, capital and information flows throughout multiple organizations in a supply chain from acquisition of materials to delivery of finished goods and services to the final customers. Presentation and case studies on various issues in supply chain management.
Units: (3)

MGMT 432    Staffing

Description: Prerequisite: Management 343 or equivalent. This course examines the theories and techniques related to employee staffing. Topics include the following: planning, legal issues, job analysis, measurement, internal and external recruitment and selection, and decision-making.
Units: (3)

MGMT 433    Current Issues in Human Resource Management

Description: Prerequisite: Management 343. Contemporary concepts and procedures in compensation and staffing. Current topics and controversial issues of critical importance to human resource management will be covered.
Units: (3)

MGMT 434    Compensation

Description: Prerequisite: Management 343 or equivalent. This course focuses on the development of equitable compensation and benefit programs in order to retain a productive workforce. Topics include the following: job analysis and evaluation, pay structures, salary survey, individual compensation, incentive systems, and benefits.
Units: (3)

MGMT 435    Management of Service Organizations

Description: Prerequisite: Management 339. This course presents a highly focused set of concepts required for the successful management of service organizations. Subjects included are service concepts, service delivery processes, strategic positioning, service personnel and technologies, global/regulatory issues, work and quality systems, and performance metrics.
Units: (3)

MGMT 436    Training and Development

Description: Prerequisite: Management 343. This course examines the theoretical and practical issues involved in designing and implementing training and development programs in work organizations. Topics include planning and assessment, design and delivery of training initiates to meet organizational needs and evaluation of training effectiveness.
Units: (3)

MGMT 440    Emerging Issues in Management

Description: Prerequisites: Management 339 and 340. For upper-division and graduate students. Business and management in America. The interrelationships of technological, economic, political and social forces with the business enterprises and their ethical obligations to owners, employees, consumers and society at large. Open to nonbusiness majors.
Units: (3)

MGMT 441    Labor-Management Relations

Description: Prerequisite: Management 340. Impact of labor-management relations upon labor, management, and the public. Proper grievance procedure, collective bargaining and settlement of disputes.
Units: (3)

MGMT 443    Team Leadership Skills

Description: Prerequisites: Management 339 and 340 or equivalent. Managerial skills in group dynamics as they relate to team performance. Cultural diversity including value differences and perception. Leadership: problem solving, idea generation, communications and conflict management. Organization change and designs that enhance team effectiveness.
Units: (3)

MGMT 444    Project Management

Description: Prerequisite: Management 339. This course presents the principles and techniques of effective project management. It focuses on managerial, organizational and behavioral concepts as well as effective tools, techniques and software for planning, communications, coordination and control of the project.
Units: (3)

MGMT 445    Employment Law

Description: Prerequisites: Management 246. Corequisite: Management 343. The study of legal and ethical issues of the employment relationships and environment. Case studies in the area of agency, independent contractors, responsibilities of managing offers, the hiring process, discrimination, wages, hours and benefits, termination, OSHA, workers compensation and other regulations affecting employment. International implications of employment will also be discussed.
Units: (3)

MGMT 446    Entertainment Business Law

Description: Prerequisite: Management 246. Study of the legal/business issues of the Entertainment Industry. Topics include: Copyright, trademark, publicity and privacy right, artistic credit, defamation, entertainment contracts, creator control, moral rights, entertainment guilds, business and legal representation of artists, performing rights societies and government regulation.
Units: (3)

MGMT 447    Internet Legal Issues

Description: Prerequisites: Management 246; junior, senior or graduate standing in Business Administration. Study of the legal and ethical issues relating to the internet and information technology. Case studies in the areas of intellectual property, e-commerce, on-line contracting, taxation, securities, privacy, obscenity, defamation, information security, network crimes, and global issues.
Units: (3)

MGMT 449    Seminar in Strategic Management

Description: Prerequisites: Business Admin 301, all other College of Business and Economics core courses. Integrative cases from top management viewpoint. Administrative processes, ethical-legal-economic implications of business decisions, international applications; organization theory and policy formulation. Individual and team efforts.
Units: (3)

MGMT 455    Cross-Cultural Management

Description: Prerequisite: Management 339 or Management 340. This course is designed to challenge you to develop a more comprehensive understanding of the ways in which culture affects management decisions.
Units: (3)

MGMT 461    Entrepreneurial Management

Description: Prerequisites: Accounting 201B and Management 339 for CBE students. Accounting 201A and Business Admin 301 for non-CBE students. How to plan organize and control new ventures. Emphasis on setting up business level strategy and corresponding systems to improve venture performance. Casework, research and fieldwork with selected local businesses. Not applicable for graduate degree credit.
Units: (3)

MGMT 464    Entrepreneurial Leadership

Description: Prerequisite: Management 340 for CBE students. Coverage of leadership roles, organizational development and human resource management of new ventures. Emphasis on setting up systems to improve venture performance that comply with related laws and regulations. Casework, research and fieldwork with selected local businesses. Not applicable for graduate degree credit.
Units: (3)

MGMT 465A    New Venture Creation and Funding

Description: Prerequisites: Management 461, Marketing 462, Accounting 463, Management 464. How to develop product and service concepts for new ventures, test the concepts, set business strategy, design operating systems, and develop financial forecasts, while complying with related laws and regulations. Venture teams will prepare business plans and make funding presentations.
Units: (3)

MGMT 465B    New Venture Launch

Description: Prerequisite: Management 465A. Venture teams will launch new ventures. The new ventures may be start up businesses or new profit centers within existing businesses. Final report and oral presentation on venture results.
Units: (3)

MGMT 480    Global Strategic Management

Description: Prerequisites: Business Admin 301, completion of all other International Business core courses. This course deals primarily with the conceptualization, formulation, and implementation of successful global business strategies. Other topics include managing cultural differences, strategic alliances, and strategies for the Pacific Rim and Europe.
Units: (3)

MGMT 495    Internship

Description: Prerequisites: six units of upper-division management courses including Management 339; concentration in management or international business; consent of department internship adviser; at least junior standing, 2.5 GPA and one semester in residence at the university. Planned and supervised work experience. May be repeated for credit up to a total of six units. Credit/No Credit only.
Units: (1-3)

MGMT 499    Independent Study

Description: Prerequisites: senior standing and approval by the Department Chair.  Open to qualified students desiring to pursue directed independent inquiry. May be repeated for credit. Not open to students on academic probation.
Units: (1-3)

MGMT 515    Management of Information in the Corporate Environment

Description: Prerequisite: classified CBE status. Review and application of management information systems in business. System planning, system design and analysis, use of files, decision support systems, expert systems, and implementation of management information systems.
Units: (3)

MGMT 516    Operations Management

Description: Prerequisites: classified CBE status, InfoSys/DecSci 513 (may be taken concurrently). Role of the operations management function in the modern manufacturing and service organization and its interaction with the other functions. Formulation of operations strategy consistent with organizational strategy, operations planning, organization, directing and control activities. Long term and short term decision areas in operations management and decision-making tools and techniques. Global, environmental and ethical issues.
Units: (3)

MGMT 518    Legal and Ethical Environment of Business

Description: Prerequisite: classified CBE status. The legal system and case studies in areas of contracts, torts, products liability, employment, business organizations and trade regulation, with consideration of ethical theories and implications as they apply to business practices.
Units: (3)

MGMT 520    International Legal Environment of Business

Description: Prerequisite: classified CBE status. Study of the international
Units: (3)

MGMT 524    Seminar in Organizational Behavior and Administration

Description: Prerequisites: classified CBE status, Management 516 and 518 or equivalent. Human behavior in organizations, studies in organizational theories, and administrative action.
Units: (3)

MGMT 525    Seminar in Team Leadership Skills

Description: Prerequisite: Management 524 or equivalent (with instructor’s consent). Graduate seminar and workshop to develop hands-on leadership skills to manage high-performance work teams. Topics include methods for self-awareness, making oral presentations, interviewing, stress management, supportive communication, problem solving, influencing and motivating others, managing conflict, empowering, delegating, and team building.
Units: (3)

MGMT 535    Production/Operations Management

Description: Prerequisites: Management 516 and InfoSys/DecSci 514. An in-depth study of selected POM topics. Discussions of the operations function role and its importance, identification of the problem areas, and reviewing of the related concepts and techniques, including computer applications. Emphasizing the current POM topics of interest to top management.
Units: (3)

MGMT 539    Supply Chain Management: Making E-Business Happen

Description: Prerequisite: Management 516 or equivalent. This course briefly introduces the mechanics and impact of E-business and then focuses on the development of the E-supply chain, a key component of
Units: (3)

MGMT 540    New Venture Leadership and Management

Description: Prerequisite: Management 516. Coverage of leadership roles, organizational development and human resource management, planning, and control issues for new ventures. Emphasis on setting up operations, and engaging human resources, to better serve customers and improve venture performance. Casework, research and fieldwork with selected local businesses.
Units: (3)

MGMT 542    Labor and Employment Relations Seminar

Description: Prerequisites: classified CBE status, Management 516 and 518. An exploration and review of traditional labor relations as well as the developing issues in employment relations involving non-union employees, with a special focus on the various ways of resolving both labor and employment disputes. The seminar will explore collective bargaining, bargaining by objectives, dispute resolution methods in both interest and rights disputes: arbitration, mediation, and fact-finding of both traditional labor disputes involving salaried and professional employees.
Units: (3)

MGMT 543    Seminar in Human Resource Management

Description: Prerequisites: classified CBE status, Management 516 and 518. Cases, problems and significant personnel administration literature in personnel administration and human relations.
Units: (3)

MGMT 547    Comparative Management

Description: Management practices and processes in five geographical areas; market-structures and management characteristics different from those in the United States. Constraints which vary between countries because of cultural, legal, economic and/or political differences.
Units: (3)

MGMT 582    Organizational Development and Change

Description: (Same as Political Science 582)
Units: (3)

MGMT 599    Independent Graduate Research

Description: Prerequisites: classified CBE status, consent of instructor, consent of the department chair and Associate Dean. May be repeated for credit. Not open to students on academic probation.
Units: (1-3)


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