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Introduction | Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration
Master of Business Administration | Marketing Courses
Dept Homepage

Dr. Irene Lange

Steven G. Mihaylo Hall 5214


Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration
  Concentration in Marketing
Master of Business Administration
  Concentration in Marketing

Catherine Atwong, Kevin Bao, Tom Boyd, Susan Cadwallader, Neil Granitz, Scott Greene, Katrin Harich, Paul Hugstad, Mary Joyce, Chiranjeev Kohli, Matthew Lancellotti, Irene Lange, Sunil Thomas

The Business Advising Center, Langsdorf Hall 731, provides information on admissions, curriculum and graduation requirements, registration and grading procedures, residence and similar academic matters. In addition, the Marketing Department provides advising on curriculum content and career opportunities.

Marketing is a basic business function covering a wide range of activities. It includes studying markets, planning products, pricing them, promoting them, selling them, and then delivering these products to customers. People in wholesaling, retailing, advertising agencies, research firms and transportation companies are all working in the marketing area. Any firm which is reviewing its product policies needs marketers to identify the market, choose the products, find where they can be sold and decide on a price for them.

Marketing class

Credential Information
For students interested in a teaching credential, the Department of Marketing offers courses which may be included in the Subject Matter Preparation Program for secondary teaching.

Further information on the requirements for teaching credentials is found in the Teaching Programs section of the catalog and is also available from the Department of Secondary Education. Students interested in exploring careers in teaching at the elementary or secondary school levels should contact the Office of Admission to Teacher Education.

Scholarships and Awards in Marketing
The Michael T. Ashton Memorial Leadership Award
The Robert M. Olsen Outstanding Marketing Major Award
Honors Networking Program Outstanding Student Award
Anaheim/Orange County Visitor & Convention Bureau Scholarship
Enterprise Rent-A-Car Scholarship

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See "Business Administration, Marketing Concentration."

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See "Business Administration, Marketing Concentration."

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Courses are designated as MKTG in the class schedule.

MKTG 351    Principles of Marketing

Description: Prerequisite: Economics 202. Corequisites: Business Admin 301, InfoSys/DecSci 361A. Application of current theories and concepts in effectively marketing goods and services to define target customers from a domestic and global perspective. Includes market research, identifying target customers, developing product offers, branding, pricing, marketing communications, and distribution channels. Marketing is critically examined from the perspective of the consumer, economy, technology, legal/political issues, and ethical/social responsibility.
Units: (3)

MKTG 353    Marketing Information Technology

Description: Prerequisites: Business Admin 301, InfoSys/DecSci 361A, Marketing 351. Examines information sources, databases and tools applied by marketers to transform data into useful formats for the strategic decision-making process. Includes segmentation, target marketing and positioning, media selection, market share, break-even analysis, pricing, sales forecasting, and profit scenario analysis. Extensive use of Excel spreadsheets, the Internet, and other technology resources.
Units: (3)

MKTG 370    Consumer Behavior

Description: Prerequisite: Business Admin 301. Corequisite: Marketing 351. Consumer buying patterns, motivation and search behavior. The consumer decision-making process. Inter-disciplinary concepts from economics, sociology, psychology, cultural anthropology and mass communications. Case analyses and research projects.
Units: (3)

MKTG 379    Marketing Research Methods

Description: Prerequisites: Business Admin 301, Marketing 351 and InfoSys/DecSci 361A. Marketing research process. Problem formulation, identifying data sources, data collection, analysis techniques, preparing
Units: (3)

MKTG 401    Professional Selling

Description: Prerequisite: Marketing 351. The steps of the sales cycle as an interpersonal influence process. Selling skills and techniques based on communication and buyer behavior concepts. Written sales projects and oral presentations are expected.
Units: (3)

MKTG 405    Integrating Marketing Communications

Description: Prerequisite: Marketing 351. Corequisites: Marketing 370 and 379. Examines advertising, public relations, and other marketing communication elements. Students learn to set communication objectives; build IMC budgets; develop, execute and evaluate creative strategies; build media plans; and develop press kits and releases.
Units: (3)

MKTG 415    Managing the Sales Force

Description: Prerequisite: Marketing 351. Sales manager’s role in organizing and deploying a field sales force, developing effective sales training programs, designing complete motivation and compensation plans, asserting strong leadership and evaluating sales people’s performance. Relies heavily on case studies and group discussion.
Units: (3)

MKTG 425    Retail Marketing Strategy

Description: Prerequisite: Marketing 351. Evolution of retailing into a global, high technology industry; developing integrated marketing and financial strategies. Strategically positioning the retail offer to establish and maintain relationship with target customers. Examining evolving market conditions, buying behavior, retail venues, channel relationships, information, communication and decision support systems, and merchandise management.
Units: (3)

MKTG 430    Sports Marketing

Description: Prerequisite: Marketing 351. Develops understanding of Sports Marketing, its role in business and society. Develops understanding of different functional areas. Students develop the ability to apply theories and knowledge to solve problems faced by Sports Marketers.
Units: (3)

MKTG 445    International Marketing

Description: Prerequisites: Business Admin 301 and Marketing 351. Theories of international trade and role of marketing decisions across national boundaries and markets. Focuses on concepts and principles of marketing strategies in organizations from recognition of environmental differences, market assessments, entry alternatives, positions of global interdependence, marketing problems and critical implications. Integrative cases, individual and team efforts emphasized.
Units: (3)

MKTG 455    Strategic Internet Marketing

Description: Prerequisite: Marketing 351. Marketing of goods, services, and ideas on the Internet. Integrating e-commerce into a total marketing strategy for businesses ranging from entrepreneurial to multinational corporations. Includes history and emergence of e-commerce, utility of the Internet as a tool to increase effectiveness, efficacy, and competitiveness. Designing effective Web pages.
Units: (3)

MKTG 462    Marketing for Entrepreneurs

Description: Prerequisites: Accounting 201B and Marketing 351. Coverage of market analysis for new products and services, competitive analysis, alternatives for entering markets, associated costs, and launch feasibility. Casework, research, and fieldwork with selected local businesses.
Units: (3)

MKTG 465    Managing Services Marketing

Description: Prerequisite: Marketing 351. Unique marketing needs and challenges faced by service firms in an increasingly challenging global environment. Specific strategies for marketing services in a variety of industries including entertainment, tourism, hospitality, health care, and financial services. Also includes strategies used by manufacturing firms using service as a competitive strategy.
Units: (3)

MKTG 475    Export/Import Marketing Strategies

Description: Prerequisite: Marketing 351. Export and import strategies, including international logistics. In-depth knowledge of the export and import process for both large companies and small international businesses. Understanding of logistics planning and choosing the best incoterms, the export process and the evaluation of alternative export strategies. Understanding import process including outsourcing and other government regulatory requirements and documentation.
Units: (3)

MKTG 489    Developing Marketing Strategies

Description: Prerequisites: Marketing 351, 353, 370, 379 and senior standing. Focuses on the development of marketing strategies involving products as well as services.
Units: (3)

MKTG 495    Internship

Description: Prerequisites: six units of upper-division marketing courses, including Marketing 351, concentration in marketing or in inter-national business, consent of department chair, at least junior standing, 2.5 GPA and one semester in residence at Cal State Fullerton. Planned and supervised work experience. May be repeated for credit up to a total of six units. Credit/No Credit only.
Units: (3)

MKTG 499    Independent Study

Description: Prerequisites: senior standing and approval by the Department Chair. Open to undergraduate students desiring to pursue directed independent inquiry. May be repeated for credit. Not open to students on academic probation.
Units: (1-3)

MKTG 519    Marketing Management

Description: Prerequisites: Accounting 510, Economics 515, InfoSys/DecSci 513, 514, Management 516, 518 (may be taken concurrently) and classified CBE status. Examines key marketing concepts and their applications to marketing research, segmentation, selecting target Markets, product development, pricing, promotion and distribution. Develops senior-level executive decision-making skills from global, ethical and socially responsible perspectives. Requires understanding and application in a major project.
Units: (3)

MKTG 535    Marketing New Ventures

Description: Prerequisite: Marketing 519. Coverage of market analysis for new products and service, competitive analysis, alternatives for entering markets, associated costs, and launch feasibility. Casework, research, and fieldwork with selected local businesses.
Units: (3)

MKTG 555    E-Marketing Strategy

Description: Prerequisite: Marketing 519. Current theory and practice in the area of Internet marketing which presents new opportunities and challenges to traditional marketing approaches. Includes case analyses and development of an integrated marketing plan for an e-commerce business.
Units: (3)

MKTG 596T    Contemporary Topics in Marketing (formerly 596)

Description: Prerequisites: Marketing 519 or equivalent and classified CBE status. Topics in areas such as information strategy, business-to-business marketing, customer relationship marketing, services consulting, and others. May be repeated three times for credit.
Units: (3)

MKTG 599    Independent Graduate Research

Description: Prerequisites: classified CBE status, consent of instructor and approval by the Department Chair and Associate Dean.  May be repeated for credit. Not open to students on academic probation.
Units: (1-3)

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