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Natural Sciences

Introduction | Minor in Natural Sciences
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David Fromson

McCarthy Hall 166

Minor in Natural Sciences

This Minor in Natural Sciences enables students to gain an understanding in several scientific areas and have a more comprehensive appreciation of the natural sciences by taking courses in at least three different science disciplines. This minor offers prospective elementary teachers, as well as majors in other fields such as communications, business, and computer science, a 21-unit (minimum) program that will familiarize them with the most important ideas and problems in the sciences. This minor also meets the requirements for a supplemental credential for prospective elementary teachers.

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Students working in lab

Lower Division Courses (9-11 units total)
Students choose at least three units from each category listed below: Earth/Astronomical Sciences, Life Science and Physical Sciences. The selection must include an asterisk (*) course from Life Science and a second asterisk (*) course from either Physical Sciences or Earth/Astronomical Sciences. (Note that with the exception of Geological Sci 102, Biology 102 and Physics 102, all asterisk courses have either a required prerequisite or co-requisite.)

Earth/Astronomical Sciences
Geological Sci 101 Physical Geology (3)
Geological Sci 101L* Physical Geology Laboratory (1)
Geological Sci 102* Earth and Astronomical Science for Future Elementary Teachers (3)
Physics 120 Introduction to Astronomy (3)

Life Science
Biology 101 Elements of Biology (3)
Biology 101L* Elements of Biology Laboratory (1)
Biology 102* Biology for Future Elementary Teachers (3)

Physical Sciences
Chemistry 100 Survey of Chemistry (3)
Chemistry 100L* Survey of Chemistry Laboratory (1)
Chemistry/Physics 102* Physical Science for Future Elementary Teachers (3)
Chemistry 105 Survey of the Molecules of Life (3)
Chemistry 111 Nutrition and Health (3)
Chemistry 115 Introductory General Chemistry (4)
Chemistry 120A* General Chemistry (5)
Chemistry 120B General Chemistry (5)
Physics 101 Survey of Physics (3)
Physics 101L* Survey of Physics Laboratory (1)
Physics 211 Elementary Physics (3)
Physics 211L* Elementary Physics: Laboratory (1)
Physics 212 Elementary Physics (3)

Upper Division Courses (12 units)
Students take at least two units from each of three different course groups. The Natural Sciences Minor adviser must approve course selection.

Biological Science
Biology 305 Human Heredity and Development (3)
Biology 306 Biology of Aging (3)
Biology 310 Human Physiology (3)
Biology 311 Nutrition and Disease (3)
Biology 318 Wildlife Conservation (3)
Biology 319 Marine Biology (3)
Biology 330 Ecology of American Indians (3)
Biology 352 Plants and Life (3)
Biology 360 Biology of Human Sexuality (3)
Biology 409 Evolution for Teachers (3)
Biology 453 Life Science Concepts (3)

Chemistry and Biochemistry
Chemistry 303A,B,C Biotechnology and Society (1 unit each)
Chemistry 311 Nutrition and Disease (3)
Chemistry 313A,B,C Environmental Pollution/Solutions (1 unit each)

Geological Science
Geological Sci 310T Topics in California-Related Geology (1-3 units)
Geological Sci 410 Physical Earth/Space Systems (3)
Geological Sci 420 Earth Science for Science Teachers (4)

Physics 301 Energy and the Environment (3)

Teacher Education Core Courses
Biology 453 Life Science Concepts (3)
Geological Sci 410 Physical Earth/Space Systems (3)

Upper-division courses in the natural sciences not listed above may be included in this minor with the approval of the Minor in Natural Sciences adviser.

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