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Student Affairs

Residence hall

Academic Appeals
Assistant Deans for Student Affairs
Athletics Academic Services
Career Center
Counseling and Psychological Services
Disabled Student Services
Educational Enhancement Programs
Financial Aid
Guardian Scholars Program
Honors and Scholars Support Services
Housing and Residence Life
International Education and Exchange
Student Academic Services
Student Affairs Research Center
Student Health and Counseling Center
University Learning Center
Women’s Center/Adult Reentry


Langsdorf Hall 805
(714) 278-3221

Academic Appeals
Assistant Deans for Student Affairs
Athletics Academic Services
Career Center
Counseling and Psychological Sciences
Disabled Student Services
Educational Enhancement Programs
Financial Aid
Guardian Scholars Program
Honors and Scholars Support Services
Housing and Residence Life
International Education and Exchange
Student Academic Services
Student Affairs Research Center
Student Health and Counseling Center
University Learning Center
Women's Center/Adult Reentry

Dean of Students Office
Associated Students, CSUF, Inc.
Intercollegiate Athletics

Classroom activity is devoted to the academic development of the learner. Student Affairs offers programs that support the academic program and simultaneously provide students with services and opportunities for personal growth. Some Student Affairs programs such as housing and financial aid emphasize their service and educationally supportive roles; others, such as counseling, accentuate their developmental aspects. The opportunities offered by Student Affairs vary from the traditional social activities to lectures and concerts funded through Associated Students, CSUF, Inc. Developmental activities include the exploration of personal and vocational life styles, and leadership and training.

Student Affairs comprises Academic Appeals, Assistant Deans for Student Affairs, Associated Students, CSUF, Inc., Career Center, Counseling and Psychological Services, Dean of Students Office, Disabled Student Services, Educational Enhancement Programs, Financial Aid, Guardian Scholars Program, Honors and Scholars Support Services, Housing and Residence Life, Intercollegiate Athletics, International Education and Exchange, Student Academic Services, Student Affairs Research Center, Student Health and Counseling Center, University Learning Center, and Women’s Center/Adult Re-entry.

Langsdorf Hall 805
(714) 278-3221
The vice president’s office coordinates and supervises all Student Affairs services and programs. The vice president is responsible for the quality of student life on the campus and works with faculty, administration and students to improve the campus environment. This office is also charged with administering the university’s academic appeals procedure and the student disciplinary codes.

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Langsdorf Hall 805
(714) 278-3836

Student Appeal of Grade Disputes or Charges of Academic Dishonesty

Students have the right of due process if they feel they have been treated unfairly or with prejudice. They may appeal a grade dispute or charge of academic dishonesty to the coordinator of academic appeals, who will guide them through the procedure to be followed. The student must go through several steps seeking to resolve the issue before it can be considered by the Academic Appeals Board, which is comprised of three faculty members and two students. Contact the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs for further information.

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The assistant deans work in collaboration with the vice president for Student Affairs, the dean of students, the deans in each college, and the Student Affairs staff at the Irvine Campus to deliver services that support student progress toward degree and professional objectives. In addition, the assistant deans design and coordinate programs with faculty, students and administration that enrich the academic environment and enhance student development within the colleges.

Responsibilities of the assistant deans include counseling students with personal and academic concerns, coordinating orientation and retention programs, advising student groups, administering scholarship programs, and developing alumni and community support for the college.

Contact the college dean’s office for information on how to reach your assistant dean for student affairs.

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Langsdorf Hall 215A
(714) 278-3057
The mission of Athletics Academic Services is to provide academic support services that assist student-athletes in achieving their educational goals.

As an integral part of the CSUF student advising system, the department provides advisement for student-athletes and referrals to campus academic support units as well as various programs designed to assist student-athletes in meeting their academic goals.

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Langsdorf Hall 208
(714) 278-3121
The Career Center provides career counseling and employment services. The center has designed many programs and services to fit career exploration, planning and employment needs. One of the most popular services is listing of local, part-time jobs for Cal State Fullerton students.

Whether a student is just beginning to think about a major or a career, or is ready to look for a job, the center has counselors and programs that will help define and achieve career goals. The center draws upon both on- and off-campus contacts and resources by working closely with employers and faculty to plan career programs. Make the time to get acquainted with and use the center’s services and programs.

The center’s website www.fullerton.edu/career is the first place to check for up-to-date information about all of our events, activities and services. On our website, you will find the calendar of events, the logon page for Titan Connection, career information pages created by industry specialist staff, links to employer websites, links to job search sites, resume writing tips, interview preparation, job search techniques, a career planning timeline and lists of employers attending campus events.

Opportunities for employment and internships are located on Titan Connection www.fullerton.edu/career. Titan Connection provides lists of student assistant positions on campus, internships, and full- and part-time employment opportunities in the community.

Walk-in advising is the first stop for all students and alumni who visit the Career Center. This is where the career decision-making process and labor market research can begin. Career counseling is available by appointment to assist students in developing career goals, determining methods of obtaining those goals and implementing a viable job search.

EUREKA, the California Career Information System, is a computerized program that provides clear and individualized approaches to career decision-making. The program will help you examine your skills, explore career options and research program information regarding graduate and professional schools.

The COMPASS community is a two-semester learning community designed for first-time freshmen who have not yet declared a major, or who are unsure about their choice of major. Staff members from the Career Center and the Academic Advisement Center collaborate with the Freshman Programs office to offer COMPASS students a structured experience that can make a strong contribution to their success at Cal State Fullerton. For further information on this learning community, please visit www.fullerton.edu/freshmanprograms.

Each fall the Career Center sponsors a Graduate and Professional School Fair that is attended by representatives from approximately 75 schools. Representatives come to campus to share information about their programs and to recruit Cal State Fullerton students.

Teacher Job Fairs are held once a semester and offer student teachers and other teacher candidates the opportunity to meet and interview with California school district representatives.

The Internship & Job Fair, which is held each fall and spring semester, offers excellent opportunities for students to meet with employers, to apply for positions, and to explore career and professional options. Students can meet with representatives from a variety of business, non-profit and government organizations to ask questions and collect career-related information.

Workshops and seminars are scheduled each semester. The workshops may include the following topics: career planning, resume writing, interview skills, job search techniques, business etiquette, Internet job searches, job search techniques for international students, and other college-to-work topics. A list of dates, times and locations are announced on our website: www.fullerton.edu/career

The Campus Interview Program brings employers to campus each semester to conduct interviews for current professional job openings. This program provides graduating seniors, graduate students and alumni with opportunities to interview with these employers.

The Career Resource Library contains an extensive collection of job search, occupational and labor market information. A checkout system has been instituted that enables students to borrow materials overnight or over the weekend.

The staff of the Career Center is responsive to the needs of students, alumni and employers. Services are available without cost to currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students, as well as alumni who are within one year past their graduation date.

The Career Center also conducts research on the initial employment and graduate school admissions experiences of our graduates. A summary is available on the Web at www.fullerton.edu/career.

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Student Health and Counseling Center - East Building
(714) 278-3040

The Counseling and Psychological Services staff is dedicated to providing high quality and effective psychological counseling and brief psychotherapy to registered students who are facing problems in their lives, their studies and their relationships. The ultimate objective of CAPS is to contribute in a significant way to student learning and to the development of CSUF students as productive and psychologically healthy adults.

CAPS staff members are trained mental health professionals who are licensed psychologists and marriage and family therapists, doctoral-level psychological counselors, and supervised graduate interns. Any student who is currently enrolled at CSUF is eligible for counseling services; couples may also be seen as long as one member of the couple is a student at CSUF. Groups and workshops on a variety of topics are offered each semester.

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University Hall 101
(714) 278-3117 (V) 278-2786 (TDD)

The Office of Disabled Student Services provides assistance and offers support services to students with temporary and permanent disabilities. The purpose of this program is to make all of the university’s educational, cultural, social, and physical facilities and programs accessible to students with orthopedic, functional, perceptual and/or learning disabilities. The program serves as the delegated authority on campus to review documentation and prescribe specific accommodations for students with disabilities. The professional and support staff are experienced in serving the particular needs of persons with disabilities.

The program works in close cooperation with other university departments in order to provide a full range of services. These services include academic accommodations (readers, note takers, interpreters/RTC for the deaf/hard of hearing, alternative testing), counseling, temporary disabled person parking, application assistance and priority registration, academic advisement, career counseling and job-placement, housing and transportation, referral and advocacy.

The program also provides diagnostic assessment, counseling, advisement, advocacy and supportive services for students with psychological and other functional and/or learning disabilities.

The program encourages involvement and input from students, faculty and staff in order to maintain a responsive and quality program.

Information regarding programs and services available to students with permanent and temporary disabilities may be obtained from the Office of Disabled Student Services.

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Educational Enhancement Programs, funded by the Department of Education, were instituted to assist disadvantaged students in reaching their educational goals. These programs target low-income and first-generation secondary students, college students and adults, and provide them with educational services to ensure that they graduate and then continue their education at the next level. The objectives of these programs are to increase educational opportunity, raise academic performance, and improve retention and motivation for student success.

Ronald E. McNair Scholars Program
University Hall 179
(714) 278-7315

The Ronald E. McNair Scholars program is designed to prepare economically disadvantaged and traditionally underrepresented students for doctoral studies. The program provides opportunities for students to define goals, engage in research, and develop the skills and student/faculty mentor relationships critical to success at the doctoral level.

Talent Search
Terraces Office Center (TOC) 216
(714) 278-8280

The Talent Search Program identifies students from disadvantaged backgrounds who have the potential to succeed in higher education and provides them with assistance to complete high school and enroll in a program of post-secondary education. To ensure that participants are successful and reach their full potential, Talent Search provides them with academic advising, career exploration activities, post secondary planning and selection, tutoring, exposure to college campuses, financial aid awareness, and assistance in completing college admissions and financial aid applications, and preparation for college entrance examinations.

Upward Bound
University Hall 215
(714) 278-3254

Upward Bound is a federally funded, comprehensive educational program designed to assist low-income and first-generation students to acquire the skills and motivation necessary to complete a program of secondary education and to provide preparation to enter and succeed in a program of post-secondary education.

CSUF Upward Bound participants are selected from various high schools that have demonstrated a need for the services offered by the program. All students participate in year-round academic activities, including summer residential living.

Upward Bound provides services to Century High School, Saddleback High School, Santa Ana High School and Valley High School.

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University Hall 146
(714) 278-3125

The Office of Financial Aid is committed to providing eligible students with the necessary financial aid resources to ensure their academic success. The office provides financial assistance to more than 13,000 students annually and administers over $100 million each year through the following student financial assistance programs:

Parent Loan (PLUS) Program
Federal Perkins Loan
Federal Stafford Loan
Federal Pell Grant
Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant
Bureau of Indian Affairs Grant
State University Grant Program
State Educational Opportunity Program Grant
Federal Work Study Program
Cal Grant A
Cal Grant B
Private Scholarship
Emergency Loan Fund

For further information concerning financial aid programs available at the university, see the Registration Procedures section of this catalog, or call the Office of Financial Aid at (714) 278-3125.

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Commons 120
(714) 278- 4900

The Guardian Scholars program is committed to supporting ambitious college bound students exiting the foster care system. We provide a comprehensive program that contributes to the quality and depth of a student’s university experience. We serve as a resource for young adults by assisting in their development and equipping them with the educational and interpersonal skills necessary to become community leaders, role models and competent professionals in their selected fields.

More than just a scholarship, the Guardian Scholarship Program provides:

  • Academic advising
  • Financial assistance
  • On-campus housing
  • Mentoring opportunities
  • Workshops designed to ensure success in college and career

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Pollak Library North 120
(714) 278-7440

Honors and Scholars Support Services offers a unique, comprehensive program to challenge and motivate outstanding students throughout their university experiences. Support is provided in areas of outreach and recruitment, orientation, program management, and the coordination of honors societies functions and special university events. The program offers special seminars, high interaction with outstanding faculty members, and the opportunity for students to enhance their leadership abilities.

The center provides advice, support and encouragement for students seeking fellowships and awards. Emphasis is placed in providing guidance and advice on applying to graduate and professional schools, as well as assistance in completing the application processes for prestigious scholarships and awards such as Fulbright, Truman and Rhodes.

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Cobb Residence Halls - Housing Office
(714) 278-2168

Cal State Fullerton’s on-campus housing accommodates approximately 800 students. The residence hall complex consists of three-bedroom double occupancy and four-bedroom single occupancy, apartment-style suites and a community center. The three-bedroom double occupancy suites are designed to accommodate six students while the four-bedroom single occupancy suites accommodate four students. Several suites have special facilities for disabled students.

Each suite is equipped with a stove, refrigerator, dishwasher and microwave oven. Priority for single occupancy spaces is given to those individuals with at least one semester of university on-campus housing experience and to those students with junior class standing or above.

The community center offers recreational and academic services, as well as a lounge, game room and a coin-operated laundry facility. Barbecue grills, basketball and volleyball courts are also available for leisure and recreational activities.

The Housing and Residence Life Office also assists students in their search for off-campus housing by providing updated listings of local apartment complexes. Bulletin boards are available for posting cards by students seeking roommates or accommodations. Other listings highlight rooms for rent in private homes and rooms in exchange for work. Information is available on referrals for community housing agencies handling landlord/tenant law.

Residence hall space is available for summer session students and for educationally related groups sponsoring workshops and programs on campus. Contact the campus Housing and Residence Life Office for further information.

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University Hall 244
(714) 278-2787

California State University, Fullerton is a community of people from many nations and cultures. The Office of International Education and Exchange is dedicated to promoting the exchange of knowledge and experience within the multicultural campus community and with the world at large. The office provides information and assistance for all international students attending CSUF and for U.S. students planning to study abroad.

International Students
More than 1,500 students from nearly 90 countries study at CSUF as international students, and the staff of the Office of International Education and Exchange endeavors to provide them with the best possible academic and personal experience. The office provides visa eligibility documents, pre-arrival information, and orientation to newly admitted students. The door is always open for students to meet with an adviser to discuss academic concerns, cultural adjustment, immigration matters or just to chat.

Leadership development and community involvement are the focus of our student activities. The International Friendship Council provides home visits and cultural activities with local families.

Study, Work and Travel Abroad
A year or semester overseas can provide an invaluable educational experience. Cultural awareness, language skills and an in-depth knowledge of one’s field from an international perspective are but a few of the many benefits of studying abroad. A well planned program offers career advantages with the increasingly multinational and multicultural organizations and communities of Southern California.

The California State University Inter-national Programs is an academic year program with centers in 17 countries. International Programs participants remain enrolled at CSUF, earn residential credit, and pay an International Programs participant fee and home campus fees. All personal expenses are the student’s responsibility.

CSUF has established campus-based direct exchange programs with universities in many other overseas sites including France, Germany, Japan and Mexico. Application and admission requirements vary somewhat by country. No overseas tuition is charged; students pay regular CSUF campus fees, plus international transportation, living and related expenses. Semester and summer programs are available.

Detailed information on both the CSU International Programs and exchange programs may be found in the “International Programs” section of this catalog.

Information on International Programs, as well as a general library on study, work and travel abroad is available in the International Education Office or at www.fullerton.edu/international/studyabroad.

Intercultural Development Center
The Intercultural Development Center offers educational support programs and services for foreign-born students, particularly recent immigrants and refugees from South- east Asia. Students are offered programs such as employment skills workshops, peer support groups, and traditional cultural celebrations. The center also provides information on service-learning and volunteer opportunities with community agencies serving recent immigrant populations in Orange County.

The Intercultural Development Center builds cross-cultural awareness in the campus community by serving as a resource center with published materials and presentations on diverse cultures. The center is well equipped to assist immigrant and refugee students with academic and personal problems.

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University Hall 138
(714) 278-2288

The mission of Student Academic Services is to create an environment where all students have the opportunity to succeed. The services and activities the department administers to achieve its mission are all centered on student retention and graduation. Student Academic Services is committed to serving a diverse population and providing students with a rich educational experience.

The department coordinates the services of a number of student programs. These programs give particular attention to the educational needs of low-income and disadvantaged college students to ensure that they have services available to them to successfully complete their college education.

The following programs are administered by Student Academic Services.

Center for Academic Support in Engineering & Computer Science (CASECS)
Computer Science 201 (714) 278-3879
CASECS is an academic support program designed to recruit, retain and graduate students. The program serves educationally disadvantaged students and emphasizes participation by students from groups with low eligibility rates for four-year colleges.

The program offers students assistance in the following areas: admission and matriculation, orientation courses, study center, tutoring, academic counseling, student organizations, and scholarships and incentive grants.

Educational Opportunity Program
University Hall 231
(714) 278-2784

The Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) is charged with improving the access and retention of low-income and educationally disadvantaged students. EOP students have the potential to perform satisfactorily at CSUF, but may be unable to realize this potential due to educational or economic barriers.

EOP provides admission and financial aid information to help students complete the admissions process. In addition, EOP students can make use of academic services such as tutoring, orientation sessions, basic skills workshops and counseling.

Intensive Learning Experience (ILE)
University Hall 133
(714) 278-7236

Intensive Learning Experience (ILE) serves students who score in the lowest quartile on the English Placement Test and/or the Entry Level Mathematics Examination. ILE strives to increase the retention of students by ensuring their timely enrollment in appropriate developmental math and English courses. The program also makes referrals to other services in Student Academic Services such as counseling and skills workshops.

Student Diversity Program
University Hall 179
(714) 278-5897

The Student Diversity Program addresses the low retention and graduation rates of student athletes and other at-risk students by improving their use of campus academic support services and by enhancing their academic development and achievement through additional support services tailored to meet their individual needs.

The Student Diversity Program supports a network program for the at-risk student population. The program first provides guidance and retention services to diverse student populations by developing and implementing action plans and programs to address academic, social and cultural needs. Second, the Student Diversity Program maintains a complex early assessment and reporting system to enhance student academic and social interaction.

Student Retention Services
University Hall 143
(714) 278-2288

Student Retention Services provides a variety of educational support activities to students. Services include: academic advising, personal counseling referrals, basic skills workshops, individual and/or small group tutoring, career exploration workshops and orientation courses.

An essential mission of the office is to increase retention. All retention services are delivered to first- and second-year EOP students and to other students, such as those on academic probation or in jeopardy of disqualification.

Student Support Services
University Hall 179
(714) 278-5210

The Student Support Services program offers numerous services for college students to improve their academic performance. Through services such as instructional support, tutoring and mentoring, the program gives students the educational tools necessary to be successful at Cal State Fullerton.

Summer Bridge
University Hall 143
(714) 278-2784

This six-week summer residential program allows new students to become accustomed to living and working on campus. Instructional support is provided in English and reading. In addition, specialized workshops are offered to help improve listening and communication skills. The program provides a good opportunity for new students to establish a strong network of friends, and faculty and staff members whom the student can rely on for help during the academic year.

Testing Services
University Hall 229
(714) 278-3838

Testing Services provides information and registration materials for a number of testing programs and administers a variety of standardized tests to evaluate student learning and development. The tests include those required for admission, placement and graduation.

Information and registration materials on national group testing programs related to undergraduate and graduate school admissions and teacher certification are available in Testing Services for the following programs:

American College Test (ACT)
SAT Reasoning Test and SAT Subject Tests
Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)
Graduate Record Examination (GRE)
Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT)
California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST)
California Subject Examinations for Teachers (CSET)
Professional Assessments for Beginning Teachers (PRAXIS)
Reading Instruction Competence Assessment (RICA)
Law School Admission Test (LSAT)
Medical College Admission Test (MCAT)

Testing Services also administers group tests related to CSUF degree requirements. Information on the following is available in Testing Services:

English Placement Test (EPT)
Entry Level Mathematics (ELM)
Examination in Writing Proficiency (EWP)
Mathematics Qualifying Examination (MQE)

Testing Services also supports the counseling services available through the Career Center and classroom settings by administering a variety of career and psychological tests designed to help students gain a better understanding of themselves and of their academic goals and career interests. These inventories are administered individually and in classroom settings in response to counselor/instructor referrals. Results are returned to the counselors/instructors for interpretation.

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Langsdorf Hall 804 (714) 278-3221
The Student Affairs Research Center provides leadership in the performance of quality research about students. The center is a resource for information about students and performs and supports secondary and primary research of all forms. Research projects include survey research, such as the annual campus climate assessment; qualitative research including focus groups, and secondary data analysis, such as records review and database analyses. The center provides consultation to all researchers on issues concerning survey research, instrument selection and project development.

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Student Health Services - West Building
(714) 278-2800
Enrolled students at Cal State Fullerton have basic medical care at the Student Health and Counseling Center (SHCC). The SHCC’s excellent medical staff of physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses and other licensed medical professionals offer a wide range of care to help students stay well and get better quickly should they become ill or injured. Services include both basic and augmented services such as general medicine, physical therapy, orthopedics, immunizations, laboratory, x-ray, pharmacy, nutrition counseling, and HIV/STD testing. All basic services are offered at no charge; however, augmented services have a small fee associated with them. Please see the SHCC website (www.fullerton.edu/SHCC) for further information, including basic and augmented services information.

The SHCC is accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care. Patient confidentiality is rigorously maintained, and the SHCC is HIPAA compliant. Stop by or cal l(714) 278-2813 to schedule an appointment.

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McCarthy Hall 33
(714) 278-2738

The Learning Center supports the following university goals: 1) establish an environment where learning and the creation of knowledge are central to everything we do; 2) assess student learning collegially, and continually use the evidence to improve programs; 3) integrate advances in information technologies into learning environments; 4) create opportunities in and out of the classroom for collaborative activities for students, faculty and staff; 5) ensure that students of varying age, ethnicity, culture, academic experience and economic circumstances are well served; 6) facilitate a timely graduation through class availability and effective retention measures.

To accomplish these goals, the Learning Center provides a wide variety of services to students; promotes collaborative efforts among students, faculty and staff; and supports the academic enterprise, ensuring that every student will have the opportunity to succeed. In addition, the center provides a safe, user-friendly interactive environment that encourages the creation of many communities of learners.

In the center, collaborative learning groups provide support for general education and major classes, which involves small-group study led by a student who attends the class with the group and works closely with the professor. Study skills, such as time management, test-taking strategies, and note taking are included as part of the group’s activities. In addition, the center houses a computer-learning lab that provides access to the Internet. Both MacIntosh and PC terminals are available for student use.

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University Hall 205
(714) 278-3928

The Women’s Center’s primary objective is to foster a greater awareness of women’s issues. Its goal is to promote gender equity through improved communication between women and men. It is open to all interested students. The center’s hours are from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Evening appointments are always available.

The Women’s Center is a place for all students – women and men. It is an excellent place for students to receive support, information and resources to help them explore issues of gender equity, as well as contemporary gender issues.

Programs and services include individual counseling, speakers, skill-building workshops, developmental groups, resource information and referrals. Cultural diversity and what that means for women of color is of special concern to the Women’s Center. African-American women, Asian women and Latinas will find groups and books specific to the concerns of each of these populations. The Women’s Cultural Resource Center, part of the Women’s Center, provides excellent internship opportunities for students.
The Women’s Center has developed a community education program to decrease violence against women. The program focuses on training and internships for students who seek to work in the area of domestic violence prevention. Education on the sociology and prevention of date rape, stalking, sexual harassment and sexual assault are also available.

The Adult Reentry Center serves adults who, after a break in their education, are considering beginning or continuing their college education. The center provides support and guidance for currently enrolled reentry students and others whose needs differ from those of the traditional university student. The center also provides information and assistance with university application and registration procedures, as well as personal, academic and career counseling. Special programs, groups, workshops, films and discussions that focus on the special needs of reentry students are presented each semester. Evening hours are always available.

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