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Afro-Ethnic Studies

Department chair
Julie Stokes

Humanities 314


Bachelor of Arts in Ethnic Studies
Option in Afro-Ethnic Studies
Minor in Afro-Ethnic Studies

Stan Breckenridge, Jamel Donner, Wacira Gethaiga, J. Owens Smith, Julie Stokes, Lezlee Hinesmon-Matthews, Kendall Radcliffe

All programs: Julie Stokes

Afro-Ethnic Studies is a multidisciplinary approach to understanding the black experience as it relates to life in America as part of a world community. In addition to degree programs in Afro-Ethnic Studies, the department provides coursework in Ethnic Studies in general (e.g., Intercultural Socialization) and other specific ethnic groups (e.g., American Indian). The B.A. in Ethnic Studies (Afro-Ethnic Studies) requires a minimum of 120 units, which includes courses for the option General Education, all-university requirements and free electives. The option consists of 30 units: 101 or 107, 190 and a minimum of 24 units in upper-division courses. Students majoring in the Afro-Ethnic Studies program acquire a special preparation in, and sensitivity to, life in America and the world community. The program is multidisciplinary in nature, since aspects of Afro-Ethnic Studies affect and are affected by other programs.

Graduates from the Afro-Ethnic Studies program go into careers in teaching, corrections, community development, community leadership, social work, urban research, law, civil service, industrial relations and a variety of comparable fields. Many go into graduate work in this field and some enter more traditional disciplines where a general knowledge of social sciences and humanities is a prerequisite.

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The major in Afro-Ethnic Studies includes courses that examine broad African and non-African issues. Such courses include Introduction to Ethnic Studies, Intracultural Socialization Patterns and History of Racism. Additionally, students are encouraged to participate in the California State University International Program (CSUIP).


Lower-Division Courses (6 units required)
Afro 101 Introduction to Ethnic Studies (3) and/or
Afro 107 Introduction to Afro-American Studies (3) and/or
Afro 190 Survey of American History with Emphasis on Ethnic Minorities (3)

Upper-Division Courses (24 units minimum)
Core Courses (15 units required), selected from the following:
Afro 304 The Black Family (3)
Afro 311 Intracultural Socialization Patterns (3)
Afro 317 Black Politics (3)
Afro 320 Black Political Thought (3)
Afro 322 Psychology of African Americans (3)
Afro 324 Afro-American Literature (3)
Afro 335 History of Racism (3)
Afro 346 African Experience (3)
Afro 381 African Literature (3)

Upper-Division Electives (9 units minimum)
Three additional Afro courses to be selected in consultation with departmental adviser.
Upper-Division Writing Requirement (3 units)
Afro 307 Research and Writing in Ethnic Studies (3) OR English 301 Advanced College Writing (3)

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Students interested in the Afro-Ethnic Studies minor are required to take a minimum of 21 units. This includes six units of lower-division courses and 15 units of upper-division courses.

Lower-Division Courses (6 units)
Afro 101 Introduction to Ethnic Studies (3) and/or
Afro 107 Introduction to Afro-American Studies (3) and/or
Afro 190 Survey of American History with Emphasis on Ethnic Minorities (3)

Upper-Division Courses (15 units)
The remaining 15 units of coursework are to be selected in consultation with the student’s academic adviser.

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Courses are designated as AFRO in the class schedule.

AFRO 101    Introduction to Ethnic Studies

Description: Prerequisite: completion of General Education (G. E.) Category III.C.1. Perspective through which people of color have come to see themselves in terms of their own heroes, culture and contributions to societies in which they live, and world society in general. (Same as Asian American Studies 101, Chicana/o Studies 101, Women’s Studies 101)
Units: (3)

AFRO 107    Introduction to Afro-American Studies

Description: Prerequisite: completion of G. E. Category III.C.1. Aims and objectives of Afro-American studies. Basic terms and references that give substance to Afro-Ethnic studies.
Units: (3)

AFRO 108    Linguistics and Minority Dialects

Description: (Same as Linguistics 108)
Units: (3)

AFRO 190    Survey of American History with Emphasis on Ethnic Minorities

Description: (Same as History 190, Chicana/o Studies 190, and Asian Amer Studies 190)
Units: (3)

AFRO 210    Introduction To Hip Hop

Description: Origins and influences of hip hop on culture, fashion, movies, television, advertising, attitude, music, dancing and slang among African Americans. The impact of the hip hop culture phenomenon on American and global societies.
Units: (3)

AFRO 301    African-American Culture

Description: African cultural characteristics in the New World and contemporary events, including art, ideas, dance and literature.
Units: (3)

AFRO 304    The Black Family

Description: Prerequisite: Sociology 101 or completion of G. E. Category III.C.1. American social conditions that shaped the black family from the African cultural patterns to the family that exists today. Roles of poverty, racism and discrimination. (Same as Sociology 304)
Units: (3)

AFRO 306    American Indian Women

Description: Prerequisite: completion of G. E. Category III.C.1. Female role in American Indian tribal lifestyles. Labor divisions, leadership, political and social activities from a number of tribes. Historical and contemporary issues as they affect American Indian women. (Same as Women’s Studies 306)
Units: (3)

AFRO 307    Research and Writing in Ethnic Studies (formerly 400)

Description: (Same as Asian American 307 and Chicana/o 307)
Units: (3)

AFRO 308    African American Males in American Social Systems

Description: Prerequisite: completion of G. E. Category III.C.1. Critical examination of the significant life experiences of African American males. Emphasizes family, community, school and broader social systems that affect African American males’ functioning within legal, educational, economic and social environments.
Units: (3)

AFRO 310    Black Women in America

Description: Prerequisite: completion of G. E. Category III.C.1. Issues in the study of black women in America, including social, political, economic and intellectual development. Historical and contemporary issues as they affect black American women. (Same as Women’s Studies 310)
Units: (3)

AFRO 311    Intracultural Socialization Patterns

Description: Prerequisite: completion of G. E. Category III.C.1. Patterns of role learning as they vary within subpopulations; changes over time in the values, attitudes and goals of the general culture and of subcultures; stereotypes and realities; understanding and dealing with cultural variation, as well as cultural “norms.” One or more sections offered online. (Same as Human Services 311)
Units: (3)

AFRO 314    Pan-African Dance and Movement

Description: Prerequisite: completion of G. E. Category III.B.1. or III.B.2. Theory and practice of movement of African and Haitian peoples. Movement (dance) as quasi-language in perpetuating the lifestyle of African cultures and cultures of African descent.
Units: (3)

AFRO 317    Black Politics

Description: Prerequisite: Political Science 100. Blacks’ struggle for political equality and relief from political oppression. Public policies concerning blacks’ freedoms, liberties and property rights. (Same as Political Science 317)
Units: (3)

AFRO 320    Black Political Thought

Description: Prerequisite: completion of the G. E. Category III.B.2. Black American intellectual from slavery to contemporary times, with special emphasis on black contributions to American political and social thought, as well as their contributions in America’s social development.
Units: (3)

AFRO 321    Grassroots Planning and Community Development Planning In Minority Communities

Description: Planning and community development trends in minority communities in urban, suburban and rural areas. Theoretical perspectives and practices embraced by grassroots planners. Public and private sector approaches. Topics include neighborhood planning, community development, economic development and grassroots organizing.
Units: (3)

AFRO 322    Psychology of African Americans

Description: Prerequisite: completion of G. E. Category III.C.1. Uses psychological principles and practices to guide students’ comprehension of life as an African American. Introduction to a holistic perspective that expands ways of conceptualizing psychology from an African American world view. (Same as Psychology 322)
Units: (3)

AFRO 324    African-American Literature

Description: Prerequisite: completion of G. E. Category III.B.2. Literary contributions by major black American authors. Contemporary black writers and the recurring themes of protest and quest for identity. Not available for graduate degree credit. (Same as English 324)
Units: (3)

AFRO 325    African-American Religions and Spirituality

Description: Prerequisite: completion of General Education Category III.C.1. African-American belief systems and denominations. Folk beliefs among Blacks, African-American religious groups, and the role of the Black Church in politics and social change in the Black community. (Same as Comparative Religion 325)
Units: (3)

AFRO 335    History of Racism

Description: Prerequisite: completion of G. E. Category III.C.1. Historical roots and current expressions of racism. How racism manifests itself through individual, social, political, economic and religious institutions and proposes methods of combating it.
Units: (3)

AFRO 337    American Indian Religions and Philosophy

Description: Prerequisite: completion of the G. E. Category III.B.2. American Indian religious and philosophic perspectives. Religious interpretations and thought in various facets of belief, ranging from traditional Indian religion to Christianity. Highlights contemporary religious activities. Not available for graduate degree credit. (Same as Comparative Religion 337)
Units: (3)

AFRO 346    The African Experience

Description: Prerequisite: completion of G. E. Category III.C.1. African history from the origin of the black man and traditional African civilization through the African diaspora to the institutional realities of Africa today. Not available for credit to students who have completed History 355.
Units: (3)

AFRO 356    African-American Music Appreciation

Description: Prerequisite: junior/senior standing. Black music in America; the sociological conditions that help produce various forms of black music. One or more sections offered online. (Same as Music 356)
Units: (3)

AFRO 357    Blacks in the Performing Arts

Description: Prerequisite: completion of G. E. Category III.B.1. African-American culture through the performing arts. Examines Blacks in the entertainment industry as a means of understanding and revealing important aspects of African-American culture. (Same as Music 357 and Theatre 357)
Units: (3)

AFRO 370    Development of African American Children and Youth

Description: (Same as Children/Adolescent Studies 370)
Units: (3)

AFRO 381    African Literature

Description: (Same as English 381 and Comparative Literature 381)
Units: (3)

AFRO 405    Hollywood v. History: An Interpretive History of Blacks through Film

Description: Prerequisite: Afro 107. Critical study of black images in motion pictures, past and present. Explores the tension between historical Black consciousness, authenticity, imitation and alternative adaptation.
Units: (3)

AFRO 430    A Social Psychological Study in Ethnic Minority Behavior

Description: Prerequisites: Afro 101 or 107; or Psych 101. Central role of culture, race and ethnicity in the human condition. Social psychological theory and research provides the context of the course. Cultural pluralism and diversity. Course offered online. (Same as Psych 430)
Units: (3)

AFRO 450    African History Since 1935

Description: (Same as History 450)
Units: (3)

AFRO 457    West African and the African Diaspora

Description: (Same as History 457)
Units: (3)

AFRO 458    Southern Africa in the 20th Century

Description: (Same as History 458)
Units: (3)

AFRO 485    Schools, Education and Ethnic Minority Groups (formerly 385)

Description: Prerequisite: completion of G. E. Category III.C.2. Ways in which the constraints of formal schooling affect the behaviors and attitudes of ethnic minority group members. Role of the community and family in school readiness and the psychological consequences of schooling. One or more sections offered online.
Units: (3)

AFRO 490    Senior Research Seminar

Description: Prerequisites: completion of G. E. Categories III.B.1, III.B.2, III.C.2, and IV; completion of Afro Ethnic Studies core requirements. Development of foundational theoretical knowledge in race relations and practical application in social organization and empowerment that is transformative regarding the human experience in general and the African American perspective in particular.
Units: (3)

AFRO 499    Independent Study

Description: Prerequisites: junior/senior standing and acceptance of the subject by department chair and instructor directing the study. 
Units: (1-3)

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