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Software Engineering


Tae Ryu

Computer Science Building 108
Telephone: 657-278-5674


Master of Science in Software Engineering
(online offering only)

Ning Chen, James Choi, Bin Cong, Allen Holliday, Dorota Huizinga, Chang-Hyun Jo, Tae Ryu

Software Engineering is the discipline of developing and evolving software systems that are reliable and efficient, and that are affordable to develop and evolve. The discipline has matured in response to the increasing importance of software, particularly in safety-critical applications, and to the huge impact of large and expensive software systems that affect many people in many parts of society. Unique factors in the evolution of software engineering include the fact that software is intangible and its operation is discontinuous. Thus, the discipline seeks to integrate the principles of computing and mathematics with the rigor that engineering disciplines bring to the reliability and trustworthiness of the products developed.

Software engineering students have the opportunity to focus on software reliability, software evolution and on the development of software systems that are correct from their inception. Learning how to provide genuinely useful and usable software is preeminent.

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The Master of Science in Software Engineering is a professional degree program housed within the Department of Computer Science and draws upon a team of outstanding faculty with expertise, training and experience in Computer Science and Software Engineering.

The objective of this program is to prepare individuals for careers as software engineers and software process managers in industry and government agencies.

Benefits of the program include:

Admission and Program Continuation Requirements:
Minimum State requirements for admission to conditional classified standing in the program include:

A baccalaureate from an accredited institution of higher education
A minimum grade-point average of 2.5 in the last 60 semester units attempted as documented by two official copies of transcripts from all higher education institutions attended
Good standing at the last college attended

The deadline for completing online applications is March 1 for the following fall semester (see Mailed applications need to be postmarked by the same deadline. However, deadlines may be changed based upon enrollment projections.

In addition, students must meet the following program requirements:

Continuation and completion of the program requires:

Study Plan
Attendance at the initial virtual orientation
Attendance at the virtual midpoint symposium

Core Courses (12 units)
Comp Science 541 Systems and Software Standards and Requirements (3)
Comp Science 543 Software Maintenance (3)
Comp Science 544 Advanced Software Process (3)
Comp Science 545 Software Design and Architecture (3)

Advanced Software Process Evaluation Courses (6 units)
Comp Science 542 Software Verification and Validation (3)
Comp Science 547 Software Measurement (3)

Advanced Software Engineering Management Courses (6 units)
Comp Science 546 Modern Software Management (3)
Comp Science 548 Professional, Ethical and Legal Issues for Software Engineers (3)

Capstone Experience (6 units)
Comp Science 597* Graduate Project in Computer Science (6)

*(Comp Science 597 will be offered in two 3-unit segments)
Consult the Computer Science section of the catalog for course descriptions.

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