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Painless Fundraising

Albertsons Logo *Use your current, or apply for an Albertsons / Savon discount card…free to you. The card provides you with discounts and in addition, cash for CCWS Scholarships. Just call or email your first and last name, card number and phone number to
Ralphs Logo *The Ralph’s card costs you nothing. You get store discounts and the CCWS gets additional cash back on every purchase. Please call or email your first and last name, card number, address and phone number to the center for children who stutter director at
Image: printer cartridges Be a good community or corporate citizen by donating your empty ink cartridges for recycling while also providing cash back to the CCWS Scholarship Fund. We will arrange for delivery and pick-up of donation boxes and an annual receipt for your donations. Whether you are an individual, a small or large business you can participate. Just call or email Sherri Wolff at 657-278.3377 or

Cars4Causes The purpose of this site is to help inform you about donating a vehicle. When you donate your used car, you could receive a tax deduction for the full fair market value of your donated car.

*Note:  No personal information will be recorded or given to anyone but Albertsons/Savon or Ralphs.  They will use this information to verify your information on record.


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