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Past Conferences

Daly, Riley and Maguire

Edythe Strand - 2012

Daly, Riley and Maguire

Nan Bernstein Ratner - 2012

Daly, Riley and Maguire

David Daly, Glyndon Riley and Gerald Maguire

Dr. Scott Yaruss and Dr. Robert Quesal

Dr. S. Yaruss and Dr. R. Quesal

Dr. Ramig and Nina Reardon-Reeves

Dr. Peter Ramig and Nina Reardon-Reeves

Walter Manning and David Daly

Walter Manning and David Daly

Barry Guitar

Barry Guitar

Edythe Strand

Edythe Strand

2012: Edythe Strand, Ph.D., CCC-SLP,BC-NCD and Nan Bernstein Ratner, EdD, CCC "Neuro-Motor and Linguistic / Cognitive Factors in Diagnostic and Therapy: Capacity and Demands"


2011: David Daly, Ed. D., CCC and Dr. Gerald Maguire, M.D., Motor and Medical Treatment of Stuttering: Evidenced Based Practices


2010: Dr. Scott Yaruss, Ph.D. and Dr. Robert Quesal, Ph.D.:  Adopting a New perspective for Stuttering: The Speakers’ Experience of Stuttering


2009: Dr. Peter Ramig Ph.D. and Nina Reardon-Reeves, M.A.:  Practical Stuttering Therapy Strategies: Preschool through Adolescence


2008: Walter Manning and David Daly:  Stuttering and Cluttering:  Distinguish the Difference for Goals, Variables and Principles of Therapeutic Change


2007: Edythe Strand, Ph.D. and Barry Guitar, Ph.D.: Stuttering and Apraxia, Stuttering and Speech Motor


2006: Barry Guitar, Ph.D. and Bill Murphy, M.A.: Stuttering: Professional, Personal, Practical--Perspectives of current evidence based practices that support measurable outcomes.


2005: Peter Ramig, Ph.D.: Working with Children of All Ages Who Stutter: You Can Do This.


2004: Anthony J. Caruso, Ph.D.: E-Therapy: Let your Computer Help You Do Therapy


2003: Ed Conture and Patricia Zebrowsky: Treating Children Who Stutter with Concomitant Phonological and Language Problems


2002: Barry Guitar and Bill Murphy: Practical Assessment and Treatment of Children Who Stutter


2001: Glyndon Riley, Ying-Chao Tsao, Annie Bradberry, Mark Power, Gail Wilson-Lew: Current Research and Theroy Methods for Adolesence and Adults Who Stutter


1999: David Daly, Glyndon Riley, Jeanna Riley: The Revised Component Model for Assessment and Treatment of Stuttering


1998: Walt Manning and David Daly: New Approaches to Assessment and Treatment of Stuttering


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