Orange County Projections 2016

This 160-page report contains Orange County, California housing, population, and employment projections in five-year intervals up to 2045. Data is shown County, 2017 Jurisdictions, Regional Statistical Area (RSA), Community Analysis Area (CAA), and 2010 Census tract. OCP-2018 was approved in September 2018.


The CDR Sponsors have implemented a new pricing structure for the OCP:


  • Tier 1: 36-page hardcopy bookly with county, jurisdiction, and RSA totals
    • Narrative on Countywide projections and demographic trends
    • Countywide growth assumptions
    • Individual profiles and maps of each of the ten RSAs
    • Tables of jurisdiction and RSA projections
    • Cost: $300.00



  • Tier 2: Full 160-page hardcopy report, includes information from Tier 1 PLUS:
    • 70 Community Analysis Areas data and map
    • Population estimates for each projection year by race/ethnicity, sex, and five-year age cohort at the County level
    • A methodology section
    • Electronic data tables in PC Excel format
    • Cost: $500.00

  To see the Table of Conents for this report, please click on the link below to a PDF document. 


OCP 2018 Table of Contents PDF


For information on ordering, contact:

The Center for Demographic Research (CDR) at (657) 278-3009 or fax (657) 278-5091


Updated 11/2018