Graduate Degree Benefits

Why Earn a Master degree?

The MS degree will provide employment flexibility and the ability to rapidly move up in a company.  In addition the degree is a good financial investment that will be beneficial in the long run.

Estimated cost to attend CSUF MS program is ~$7,000/year as a full-time student.  The estimated time to complete the program is ~3 years, which would cost ~$21,000.  Based on average salary data the $21,000 dollar cost for the degree would be earned back in a little over 1 year.


Starting Salaries for Chemist

Degree Amount
Bachelors $40,000
Masters $52,000
PhD $62,900

   Source: Chemical & Engineering News Vol. 92, Issue 26, pp. 27-29, June 29, 2015

 Average Salary for Chemist by Degree

Degree Industry Academia
Bachelors $75,000 $44,000
Masters $92,000 $58,000
PhD $126,000 $76,900

    Source:  Chemical & Engineering News Vol. 92, Issue 35, pp.68-71, Sept. 1, 2014