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 California State University, Fullerton



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Coaching a CSUF Club Sport

Club Sports at California State University, Fullerton are unique in the design and management of the teams. Each Club Sport is student ran which means that a body of students is responsible for the development, planning, and organization of the club. The student-athletes fill leadership roles in addition to participating in competitions. For more information on these roles please go to the Club Positions page. Each club has the opportunity to manage its own operations as the membership desires, under the guidance of the Club Sports Administration. Clubs may choose to hire one or more coaches to oversee the competitive operations and facilitate practices for the club. Each club may determine for itself how much influence the coach(es) may have on its operations; however, all decisions are made by the club members and not the coaches. The Club Sports Administration is open to communication with the coaches, but all official club business (including facility requests, questions regarding the club and its operations, policies, club status, etc.) should be communicated via the club leadership.

Coaching Hiring Procedures

To be hired as a Club Sport’s Coach, one should first discuss the position with the respective club’s leadership. See the Contacts page for the contact information for each club. The club leaders may screen potential coaches before electing to nominate an individual for hire.

Once the club has selected a potential coach, the following process should be followed.

  • Club leaders meet with the Club Sports Administration regarding the potential hire
    • Clubs should have the following information:
      • Coach’s full name
      • Coach’s mailing address
      • Duration of the coach’s contract
      • Amount of payment (if applicable)
      • Payment schedule (if applicable)
      • Any additional stipulations for the contract
        * There will be a Termination clause in every contract.
  • Club Sports Administration prepares university contract
  • Potential coach meets with Club Sports Administration to sign contract
  • Coach must submit the following documents within two weeks of signing contract.
    • CPR/First Aid Certification
    • Proof of personal health insurance and general liability coverage
    • Background Check filed with CSUF University Police
    • Sexual Harassment Training Certification