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 California State University, Fullerton



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Coaching Responsibilities

  • Coach understands that he reports to CSUF’s Club Sports Administrator. Coach agrees to maintain regular contact with CSUF’s Club Sports Administrator and attend all mandatory coaches’ meetings.
  • Coach agrees that he/she will allow the Team’s elected leaders to serve as the primary liaisons between the Team and CSUF and/or any external parties (e.g. opponents, league officials, governing bodies), and to manage the Team’s administrative functions, which may include but are not limited budget development and monitoring; scheduling and overseeing Team meetings; allocating/spending Team funds and applying for funding. Coach understands and acknowledges that he/she may act only in those areas in which he/she has been empowered by the Team’s elected leaders.
  • Coach agrees to be responsible for supervising practices, attending games, and creating a healthy competitive environment according to policies and procedures stipulated by the Team and CSUF. Coach agrees to establish practice times/schedules in conjunction with the Team’s elected leaders.
  • Coach agrees to educate all Team members concerning measures to minimize the risk of potential injuries and steps to take in the event of an emergency.
  • Coach agrees to inspect that all facilities and equipment used by the Team are compliant with safety standards set by that sport’s governing organization. If Coach determines that the facilities and/or equipment are potentially unsafe or not compliant, he/she will inform Team leaders of his/her decision.
  • Coach agrees to be present for all official practices and competitions as agreed upon in advance by Coach and the Team’s leaders. Coach will notify the Team’s leaders if he/she is unable to attend a practice or game. Coach agrees to promote fair play and good sportsmanship at all Team practices and competitions. Coach also agrees to conduct himself/herself in a professional manner at all times that will reflect positively upon the Team and CSUF.
  • Coach agrees to report any disciplinary problems to CSUF within 24 hours of the incident. Coach also agrees to complete or assign someone to complete a Student Injury Report form for any incident or accident that occurs during a Team practice, competition or trip. Coach should submit this form to CSUF within 24 hours of the incident.