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Human Resources FAQs


Self Service

Part-Time Faculty

Student Workers

Data Changes

Labor Cost Distribution


What was and is being implemented in CMS?
The following functionality was implemented in the initial Human Resources – 8.0 Implementation:

  • Administer Workforce - Stores employee data (personal and job related) - “maintains history”.

  • Manage Positions - Links specific jobs to departments. Used in budgeting, temporary faculty contract processing, IPEDS reporting and tracking of employee job assignments.

  • Time & Labor - Provides functionality to record and process time for all employees and captures leave data for all employees.

  • Monitor Workplace - Provides reports for regulatory reporting (i.e., Federal, State, ADA, etc).

  • Administer Base Benefits – Enables the capture of benefit programs, enrollments, dependent information and reporting on leave accounting.

  • eBenefits - Employees can view their benefits information.

  • eProfile – Employees can review and update demographic information.

The following functionality will be implemented July 09, 2007:

  • Labor Cost Distribution - Provides ability to account for labor cost and sends information to the Finance system. This is the primary integration between the HR and Finance systems.

What benefits have been obtained from the CMS implementation?
CSUF has its first centralized HR system. We have access to more and better reports, improved methods of communication with employees, and a means to provide managers with more accurate data to better run their units. From a single employee database, we are able to communicate with specific segments of our faculty and staff. We are now able to create standardized reports to allow us to track and analyze attrition and retention, using fields of our own choice. We have data to tell us where to focus our recruiting efforts.


Self Service:

What is Employee Self Service?
CMS Self Service for employees enables all authorized faculty and staff to access their own personal information. The Faculty/Staff Self Service module has a variety of options that include updating personal data (address and telephone number) and emergency contact(s); view current benefit elections and available leave balances. All CSUF employees have access to self-service (request for access is not required).


Part-Time Faculty:

How do PTF receive pay rate changes?
In general, pay rate changes are governed by the California Faculty Association (CFA, Unit 3 bargaining unit); however, all questions referring to PTF compensation should be referred to their Dean’s office. 


Student Workers:

Can a pay rate change be past dated (retroactive) for a student worker?
Yes, but it may not be dated before the effective date of the appointment.

Can a pay rate change be future dated?
Yes, but it may not be dated after the appointment date expires.

When is the effective date of a pay rate change?
Pay rate changes must be effective on the first day of the pay period.


Data Changes:

I entered the wrong information. How do I correct it?
If you have saved the wrong data in CMS for Student Workers, you will need to notify Payroll Services (ext. 3736). If you have saved the wrong data in CMS for Part Time Faculty, you will need to email Faculty Affairs and Records (

How do I process a funding source only change?
Funding source only changes include: new agency/reporting unit, changes to an agency/reporting unit for 1 or many employees (does not include reassignments or reorganizations).  Funding source only changes are processed through the Budget Office and all requests should be emailed to DL-Budget.

How do I process a change to staff & management employee job data?
Employee job data changes include: employee reassignment, position reclassifications, and non-bargaining unit supervisor change.  Contact the Human Resources office (ext. 2425) for further instruction.

How do I process a change for department and position data?
Changes to department or position data include changes/corrections to the following: department description, reports to, MPP working titles, etc.  All requests for department and position data changes should be emailed to

Labor Cost Distribution

What is a combo code and what is it used for?
A Combo Code is a 25-byte (or less) mnemonic representation of a chartfield funding combination.  For example:
Combo Code: 10050-G- -201-5501-601300 
Chartfield string for this combo code is:            
Deptid: 10050
Program: blank
Class: 20001
Project: 55000001
Account: 601300


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